Cool Links #40: Post Apple Store Edition

I didn’t put out any cool links last week because all my bookmarked stuff to share went down in flames with the Firefox crash last week.  But, thanks to Nathan at the Houston Galleria Apple Store, I’m back in business with more cool stuff.

1 – Live TV is always five seconds away from disaster. At least when I worked in TV it was.

Here’s more trouble in the field!

Wet and Wild

Wet and Wild

2 – The One Man Band Reporter blog has become a regular source of great stuff.  Here’s a tutorial for creating lower thirds. Those are the names that appear in the lower third of the TV screen when someone is first on camera in a news story. He uses Photoshop and Final Cut.

3 – Betty’s Blog explores the virtues of texting and IM language.  Yes, there can be virtues to know how to do things quickly.

4 – The New York Times has a wonderful photo story about the “Tank Man” of Tiananmen Square.  Four different photographers captured the same instant and tell their tales of how they got the photos out of Communist China.  It’s hard to believe that was 20 years ago.

5 – Here are two Mac OS X menu bar add-ons that I have found useful this week.  The first is Check Off, a simple To Do List right where you need it.  The second is F.lux a strange little app that changes the lighting on your screen to match the time of day.

6 – The Pew Institute has a fun little News IQ Quiz..  I scored a 58% which is better than average for nearly every category.

7 – If  you are creating podcasts with your students, you may want to add music.  Do it the legal way with podcast safe music.

8 – This is fun or at least interesting.  Find out info on your school’s ZIP or all the ZIPs that feed into your school.

9 – This looks like fun, creating cusom icons and art in photoshop or illustrator with 22 well written tutorials.

10 – Thanks to News Videographer for this link to a great use of natural sound in video.  Too often we want to talk it to death in TV.  Let the power of video and sound work it’s magic.  This story is really compelling to me.  We flood here in Houston in the summer, I never thought of a flood in winter conditions.

11 – Viewfinder Blues shares this well-edited piece about editing from the BBC.

12 – As school is ending for most of us, here’s a great little blog post about why time off from teaching is so important.

13 – Here is an article from the LA Times about a unique, intersting and scary school that is performing miracles in a tough LA neighborhood.  But I don’t think they could replicate this success in any school where the students are not self or parent selected.

14 – The Philadelphia Inquirer reached a milestone this year – 180 years, but will they see 181, or 190 or 200?

15 – Free Technology For Teachers blog has a link filled post about the perils of teaching copyright.