Cool Links #41: My Age Blog Post

I hate the term digital native.  This blog is written by a 41-year-old digital native.  I grew up playing video games, from Pac-Man to Tetris and from Sim City to Madden ’07.   I’ve also used nearly every kind of computer from TRS80 to Apple Mac SE to DOS 5.0 to Windows XP to my MacBook with OSX.  So, i don’t like the term as it usually means kids under 25.

If I’m a little testy today, it’s probably because I had a root canal.  But I am happy to trot out a mid-week cool links.

1 – Here’s a school district web site with templates for power point games like Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be A Millionare.

2 – OJB creator Paul Bradshaw has opened up his slide share library for us all to take a look.  He has a few great ones on using RSS and Twitter.

3 – This is so much fun – Idee’s Multicolor Flickr search lab.  Just pop in the colors you like and it will find photos with those colors in them.

4 -Here are 8 great tools for getting great images ready for your web site.  Online photos done right.

5 – This one is lesson-worthy.  Meranda Writes has the best method for organizing a story before writing that I’ve ever seen.  I am going to use this to teach my students story organization this fall.

6 – The Buzz machine has a great diagram of the new news process.  The blog post is well worth the read, but the graphic is great too.

New News Process

New News Process

7 – LIFE magazine has a terrific slide show of D-Day photos that are both historical and great photos.

Have a good mid-week.

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