Cool Links #42: Stuff To Do

I’ve been really reluctant to start any new work, but I think I will start some next week.  Nice and slow though, long summer.

1 – I’m not much of a modern music fan, but I saw this posted by another teacher on twitter.  Worth a watch.

2 – Analog TV finally bites the dust.  Should have been done months ago.

No More TV Static

No More TV Static

3 – Not really sure why this is such a surprise, but j-school grads are finding employment.  Most everyone I knew in j-school was smart.  And j-school teaches you some really cool stuff like interviewing and research.  And today’s j-grads also come with a great set of web skills.

4 – Here’s a site that reminds me a lot of Hulu, but with more news – Newsy.  I don’t think it is CNN or the Washington Post just yet, but I plan to keep watching to see how it grows.

Wow that’s horrible.  WordPress didn’t save my draft and I can’t remember link #5 and I only had five links for this week.  Ouch.

Try to keep cool, summer’s looking like a hot one.

P.S. – I remembered – Download Them All for downloading lots of files on one web page.


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