Cool Links #43: Not Good At Waiting

I’m waiting on several things this week – our school is supposed to find out at some point how much stimulus money we get for one thing.  And I am terrible at waiting.  I have no patience.  None.   So, to keep myself from going crazy, here are some cool links.

1 – iJustine has a series of fun and cool PSA videos about being a good digital citizen.  I think I’m going to have my video kids do an assignment like this in the fall.

2 – This is why Twitter is so cool (I am @teach_j by the way).  The ICFJ Twitter friended me and I never even knew they existed until I looked in my followers list this week.

3 – Scott Bourne of Photofocus thinks that it is time that we abandon the form factor (design) of the SLR camera and allow dSLRs to be more innovative.  I’m not against innovation, but as recently as five years ago camera makers tried all kinds of designs.  Most of them were horrible.  The two designs that survived the basic rectangle point and shoot and the SLR.  I think it is due to more than just familiarity.  I think these form factors are the most usable too.  Too bad you don’t allow comments on your site Scott.

4 – has an excellent post on the four principles of good web design with lots of great examples of each principle.

5 – has a decent list of 15 low budget films that made a killing.  Their list is heavy on scifi and horror, but it is still a good list.  I teach a unit on film production and I usually kick it off with the Robert Rodriguez classic El Mariachi, which he made in Mexico for around $10,000.  But they left it off their list.  I highly recommend watching it on DVD with the alternate audio track as Rodriguez tells the story of how they created the effects and everything else on such a low budget.

6 – Viewfinder Blues has a great quick tip for video journalists – white balance on whatever you have available quickly.  It helps you from missing a shot. I know that when I worked in TV I always kept a folded piece of copy paper in my pocket just for white balance.  But I’ve also white balanced on all kinds of white and not-so-white objects.

7 – 1TimStreet tells the story via video of how photographer Alexx Henry is taking movie posters to the next level

Moving Movie Posters

Moving Movie Posters

– moving movie posters.  You know those vertical video screens you see at all the malls and grocery stores?  Well he wanted to mash video and photography together using the new Red Camera.  Very Cool.

8 – Open Source Cinema is presenting RIP 2.0 a documentary about copyright.  Boring – WRONG!  It is all about how the remix culture and copyright are at war with each other.  This is a great documentary.  It is chopped up into sections on the site and you can pick and choose which ones you want to use in class.  – Thanks Wicked Decent Learning for the link to this.

9 – Finally, the Baltimore Sun has an article about High School Journalism going online.  The economy is affecting all journalism, but HS Journalism was already on a tight budget.  The best part is that they quote my friend Diana Mitsu Klos, senior project director of the ASNE High School Journalism Initiative.  I met Diana at the ASU/ASNE Reynolds High School Journalism Fellowship last summer.  This summer, they are in the middle of the fellowship already and they are producing a great blog that is almost as good as being there.   Well worth the read.

Keep cool and have a great summer.