Cool Links #44: Anticipation Mode

Still in waiting mode, and as I said before – I’m not good at it.  So on to the links…

1 – Not all newspapers are dead.  The Naples Daily News is doing quite well for itself and moving into new digs.  Many newspapers are still profitable, even in the midst of recession.  Of course printing on paper daily has a limited future, many people still like it.

2 – The evolution of a photographer.  Funny.

Evolution or De-evolution of a Photographer

Evolution or De-evolution of a Photographer

3 – PBS Mediashift has a long, but interesting article about how newsrooms are adapting to or even banning Twitter and a list of 20 “Rules” for Twittering as a journalist.

4 – My first photojournalism lesson is called – Drawing with Light.  This LIFE photo gallery of Pablo Picasso using a flashlight to DRAW with light in photographs is just too cool to pass up.

5 – Open Thinking has a list of nearly 90 videos online for technology and media literacy.  I have not gone through the entire list, but there are already some gems I’ve seen before.

6 – The Pew Internet Project has this graph on their web site that shows that nearly 60 percent of all homes have broadband and that 80 percent of all homes have internet service.  I’m guessing the last 20 percent are too rural or can not afford internet connections or a computer.  I would love to see public broadband in cities over 100,000 made a goal of this administration.  But it is good that we are here.

Broadband Adoption Data

Broadband Adoption Data

7 – Everytime I think that I’ve found all the good journalism blogs, I’m proven wrong.  Campfire Journalism is going to be added to my RSS reader and there is a great post to start you off on this blog with Helpful Online Tutorials for Journalism.

8 – Newsvideographer reminds us to write to our video by pointing to the Edit Foundry blog who has a great post on the subject here with this video.

9 – As we use more and more multimedia in my classroom, this year I hope to add audio podcasts and that means recording speech.  Usingmac has a terrific tutorial on using Garage Band to record speech.

10 – This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  A photo list of do’s and don’ts that are true and tounge in cheek.  When you get to the site, there are no photos, but there is a tiny “next” button – click on it.  There are a LOT of examples, but worth it to check them all out.

11 – This might make a fun lesson for yearbook staff after the book is done – found typeography.  This is a post on found and built typeography in the real world.

That’s it for this week.  YOU will just have to be patient while I find some more cool links.



  1. Quick Question: Do you think the Naples paper is doing well because of the median age of the population in the area? Just curious, but that could be the case…I’m still hoping and praying that newspapers will reinvent themselves just enough that they can hang on another few decades…

    • Probably due to demographics. But I see 20-year-olds reading papers at Starbucks too. You have to make the product useful to the audience. I think people will read print if it is useful to them.

      I still think we have to get away from the corporate journalism that led us down this path of overspending. Community based journalism is the only future.

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