Cool Links #45: Stress Is Bad For You

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, especially for summer break, and it has not been good to me.  I have a peptic ulcer and my doctor says that I need to relax and worry less.  So here’s to hoping that I get some good news soon and while we wait – cool links:

1 – Here are 41 Online Color Tools that are great for web designers, but can also be of value in yearbook, newspaper or photography classes too when teaching color.   Check them out, this link by itself is an afternoon of fun.  A 42 tool is this HTML color code page which really is just for web designers.

2 – If you use Twitter or anytime you need to send someone a URL and just don’t want the URL to be a mile long, then you need to add the Firefox TinyURL addon to your browser.  Comes in handy.

3 – Some of the best, and free, inspiration for layout and design is online.  Both web designers and print designers can learn from these 25 Excellent Examples of Texture in Design.

4 – Insert the word Yearbook Assignment for the word Project and you will get this graphic.

Yearbook Project Time Chart

Yearbook Project Time Chart

5 – This list is for Journalism Grads, but I think it would benefit most journalism/media teachers to follow the same list, heck pick just five to do this summer and you will have learned something.

6 – I don’t always like or agree with what Howard Owens has to say, but this blog post was spot on.  Journalism has thrived and survived in many forms in the 200+ years since the passage of the Bill of Rights.  Just because one form of journalism is dying, does not mean journalism is dead.  It will continue on, just in a different form, probably one we don’t know yet.

7 – This cool links roundup seems to be heavy on the web tools, and so here’s 27 Must-Have-Starter Tools for Web Designers.

8 – If you teach any form of journalism, then you need to read Mindy McAdams’ post about what we really need to be teaching young aspiring journalism students today.  It is a real wake up call.

9 – The Edit Foundry blog has a useful post on a concept he calls Eye Trace, that is similar to the photographic concepts of dominant subject, rule of thirds and leading lines.  It’s all about making the viewer look where you want them to.

10 – Another useful video tip came from Bob Kaplitz’s blog about how to make the most out of very little b-roll.

11 – The digital Photography School has the element that is almost impossible to teach young photographers and video journalists – curiosity.

I am trying not to feel stress.  I am trying not to feel stress.  Etc. Etc. Etc. Calm.



  1. So sorry to hear about the ulcer…I had two a few years back, probably brought on by my high intake of excedrin. I have tried to cut back on the number I take each day, remembering how horribly sick I was. I wish you well in your quest for health.

    • I’m pretty sure mine is stress, diet and coffee. So, caffeine is out, diet is bland and I’m still working on the stress.

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