Cool Links #48: Motivation Is Key

I’m finally finding motivation to get stuff done, like redo the yearbook and broadcast web sites.  It has been great to get motivated.  So, I’m passing on some cool stuff to you.

1 – Firefox 3.5 is ready.  Whether you use a Mac, Windows or Linux – it is time to upgrade to the best browser available.  Firefox is the most standards compliant, easiest to use and most updated browser on the web.  Do your computer a favor and update.

2 – This is just for Mac users, I didn’t know this trick, but you can use it to find your serial number and much more info about your Mac.  If you are like me and run a lab with many different Macs in it, this can be very helpful to see which computer is the oldest.

3 – I don’t teach math, but occasionally I need graph paper.  It is useful for a lot of things, charts and such.  Here’s a site to download and print out graph paper for free (you provide the paper and ink.)

4 – The ASNE Fellowship program is great, and you can earn Graduate Credit (3 hours) at most locations.  The ASU class has posted their lesson plans, which are also going to be added to the ASNE Lesson Plan database.  The lessons are required for those seeking grad credit.

5 – Need inspiration for your photography class?  Here are 35 incredible photography websites, from photojournalism to documentary and from fashion to portrait.

6 – Columbia School of Journalism, the grand-daddy of them all is changing, check out this video on the News Videographer site.

Columbia School of Journalism Changing To Meet The Times

Columbia School of Journalism Changing To Meet The Times

7 – Batteries suck.  Or maybe it’s cameras that suck the batteries like vampires who suck blood.  We all want to know, how can I make my batteries last longer.  Photofocus has five tips for keeping the power on longer.

8 – This story was disturbing to me.  A number of Washington Press Corps reporters accepted tickets to an “off the record” barbecue at the White House and smoozed it up with staffers on the 4th of July.  To me that is just unprofessional.  Either go as a reporter and report, or don’t go.

Reporters Who Smoozed With White House Staff On July 4th, Wont Kiss and Tell

Reporters Who Smoozed With White House Staff On July 4th, Won't Kiss and Tell

9 – The Journalistics blog has a terrific list of 30 Organizations that support great journalism.  We should all belong to one or more of these.

10 – Slate has a super-funny video that I found on the Mediaite blog titled “Buy One Anyway.”

Buy One Anyway

Buy One Anyway

11 – If you are new to web design, then here’s 26 Tutorials For Starting Off in Web Design.

12 – Advancing The Story has collected Six Tips from prize winning journalists, plus a mini-interview from each.

That makes an even dozen, and that is a pretty good place to stop.

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  1. I really love the stuff that ASNE does. They’re local (DC area), and their resources-on the Web and in person-are wonderful. Thanks for these other links, too. I’m not quite motivated enough, though, to start thinking about school yet!

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