Cool Links #49: Uncle Walter, RIP

The entire journalism world is still sad about the death of an icon and former Houstonian Walter Cronkite.  So, I will kick out some journalism goodness to help us all aspire to become better journalists.

1 – My first link is a great tribute in photos to Walter Cronkite.

2 – Apparently the fight between some corporate newspaper owners and Google is turning ugly.  Google is ready and telling newspapers to put up or shut up.

3 – The Digital Photography School always has great stuff, but this is a super useful post – plugins for nearly every photo application to post photos to sharing sites like Flickr, Facebook, Smugmug and more.

4 – I think it is a good idea to give editors a preview of what is expected of them before they agree to take the job on the newspaper or yearbook staff.  Here’s a great job description for a web editor from the JEA.

5 – Adweek and Neilsen did a survey that states people don’t hate ads, and that they actual find them informative and entertaining.

6 – Mindy McAdams put out another edition of her series of skills in multimedia that reporters need.  This one (#14) is how to post video to your blog.

7 – More from dPS, a wonderful post on how to enhance the midtones in photos using photoshop.

8 – Need to make calendars to keep your staff up-to-date with assignments and deadlines.  Here’s a great online calendar tool that you can use with your own photos.

9 – The mediashift blog has an incredible post on the new low price for creating news.  It really shows how large organizations with lots of legacy costs are at a disadvantage.  The future of news is small.  In a related post, eat sleep publish blog has a post about charging for commodities that cost nearly nothing to distribute and why it won’t work.

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