Cool Links #50: It’s All Golden

This is my 50th Cool Links post and I’m bearing down on 500 total posts on my blog.  That is very cool.

1 – I just started reading this blog in my RSS reader, Emily Ingram who has for five weeks been posting great tutorials on how to start a blog and give it all the useful content in various forms.  Great stuff – this week is about adding plugins.

2 – This post is scary, from the Online Journalism Blog, it is about the future of journalism and journalists paying out of their own pockets to do journalism.  I’m sorry, but I can’t see very many people wanting to do this.  Not many people are going to want to pay to do journalism.

3 – This is why I keep Blackstarrising in my RSS feed, because of home run blog posts like this one.  David Weintraub reflects on 9 Things that Make a Great Teacher.  I think he hits it out of the park and for more than just media teachers.

4 – This is just plain cool.  This guy has built several cameras and made them work.  He has photos of the cameras and some example photos he has taken.

5 – When you have photo day at school, maybe you should distribute 10 Ways To Look Good in a Photo.

6 – Wired Magazine has Chris Anderson’s audio book Free available for a free download.  Snag it – for FREE!

7 – Teaching photo composition, but you don’t have any good examples. has 80 outstanding photos all from Paris with lots of great photo composition ideas.

8 – Not sure what a DIMM looks like or an HDMI port?  What is the difference between Firewire 400 and 800?  This poster has almost every RAM type, connector port and video/audio plug in I’ve ever heard of and it is visual.

9 – This is an interesting post on how game designers can help newspaper/media types.  Everything from free online games to buying games to play on your XBOX. Sometimes you have to give stuff away to get a buzz and then people will buy something too.

10 – Can’t make any money using Twitter?  Can’t make any money giving away news?  This kid is and I’m following his BNO.

11 – Most media teachers and many journalism teachers teach in a 1:1 or nearly 1:1 classroom.  This means there is a computer for every student or every student who needs one.  Free Technology For Teachers has a post 10 Things You Need to Know before Going 1:1.

12 – This is just nerdy goodness.  The Periodic Table of Videos: The University of Nottingham has a video for nearly every element on the periodic table and those that don’t, they are working on it.  What can you do like it for your school?

13 – How important is copy editing in the world of fast news?  Do some people care – yes.  Does everyone care – no.  Eat Sleep Publish says that probably less than half your readers care if your copy is 100 percent clean.

14 – dPS continues Photography 101 with a lesson on Light Meters.

15 – Reuters, the British News Agency has put their Handbook of Journalism online as a Wiki.  This means they can update it anytime to improve it.  And they have a section just for video.

16 – You need a CMS – Content Management System for your school, your publication, your blog, etc.  But which one is right?  There are so many to choose from.  Noupe has 10 Simple Rules for Picking a CMS.

17 – When you run a high school publication like a yearbook, you just can’t afford a lens that can shoot great in low light that you have on Friday Night football games.  So, what do you do with that photo to make the running back pop out from the background.  Give it a shallow depth of field in Photoshop. (Yes, newspaper journalists would never do this, but yearbooks are not hard news.)

18 – Got a new, fancy TTL flash?  Then you need to read the photofocus post on using TTL flash.  And remember to RTFM – Read The Flipping Manual.

Remember – it’s all golden!

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  1. Can you please email me? I needed to ask you about whether you use a photojournalism textbook. I’m tired of piecing things together and was going to try and buy one for my classroom. Thanks! –Carol

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