Cool Links #51: Sorry, No Cute Name

Here’s another edition of Cool Links. Couldn’t think up a cute name for this one.

1 – This one is an interesting image search that looks for images that are under CC (creative commons) license on Flickr called Compfight.

2 – I’ve been looking for this forever, and like Daniel in Karate Kid, my wife found it on her first try, it is a Depth of Field Calculator that works with Nikon, Canon and more.

You beginner luck!

You beginner luck!

3 – If you are looking for a free online web host and are tired of the choices out there, try Jimodo, Free Tech for Teachers has a video on how easy it is to set up.

4 – Congratulations to one our favorite blogs – The Edit Foundry, who just won an Emmy for a documentary he edited, but more importantly he posted his methods on the blog for us to share.

5 – This post by Adam Westbrook backs up nearly everything I was saying in my last post about journalism and the future.  I feel great because I have five former students studying media of some kind, but I do hope they can find jobs when they graduate too.

6 –   The One-Man-Band Reporter has a great four step process for framing head shot interviews.  It’s worth the look.

7 –  You ever buy a new computer or suffer a terrible crash on the old one?  Now you are killing yourself to remember all the apps you had from the internet that were so incredibly useful.  Now, you can have a place to keep track of all your favorite apps – I Use This.  The site has places for Windows, Mac and iPhone applications, both commercial and freeware – and if there is an app not in their huge database, you can add it.

8 – The NYT has a well written recap of the Brian Williams-Jon Stewart smack down from the Daily Show.  Both were quite witty and quick.  Fun to watch.

Williams and Stewart go head to head.

Williams and Stewart go head to head.

9 – Daringfireball blog has a good post about how charging for online news content is a losing game.

10 – I prefer Canon cameras to Nikon, not to start any kind of debate over which is better.  Canon cameras fit my budget and they seem simpler to teach than Nikons.  But sometimes even Canon icons can be hard to figure out.  Here’s a list of common Canon DSLR icons and what they mean.

11 – This is so cool, just for memory lane time, but also for teaching advertising technique for video class – Duke University has a digital collection called Ad Views – lots of classic TV ads.  Too much fun.

12 – There has always been some controversy about Robert Capa’s Fallen Soldier photo taken during the Spanish Civil War.  But now there is even more, read all about it at the Daily Telegraph.

Bonus – This last link has nothing to do with journalism, but I love the song “All Along The Watchtower,” and I’m a big fan of Battlestar Galactica.


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  1. Jon Stewart and Brian Willilams really got into it, didn’t they? This is what I’m going to miss when I go back to school…the time to stay up and enjoy late-nite TV!

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