Cool Links #52: Football Camp Was Fun

My 8-year-old son spent all week at football camp.  He had some fun and got a t-shirt.  But I also got to have my kind of fun too.  I shot photos on two days of the camp and put together a little photo video for the kids to see today.  The coach made copies for all the kids.  Happiness all around.

1 – I’m going to kick this off with two tutorials from Audio Tuts+ they have a two-part tutorial on recording audio in the field.  Part 1 and Part 2. Both together make a good before, during and after learning session.

2 – I love this metaphor from photofocus, a good exposure is like a slice of pizza.  I also like it because of the three elements of a good exposure ISO, Shutter Speed and f/Stop.  Three sides of a triangle or a pizza slice.

3 – Do you have these 11 Characteristics of Highly Creative People?  Thanks to copyblogger for the post.

4 – NewsTrust brings us the 4-D’s of Thinking Like A Journalist. I am definitely going to share this will all my journalism kids this year.  They need to do more of each of the four D’s.

5 – At my campus, we have been moving toward more and more online content, but we still need to think about how online is different from print or broadcast.  Advancing the Story has Five Ways to Improve Your Newsrooms Online Output.

6 – I like this idea and may try to put it into practice some way this year – Everybody Has a Story To Tell.

7 – The LIFE photo archive keeps producing great results – this time it is the World’s Bloodiest Battles with the famous photos from the Civil War to WWI to WWII.

8 – This post is borderline on whether I would use it in the classroom or not and it aired on the local news somewhere.  This is what not to do during a standup.

What Not To Do During A Standup

What Not To Do During A Standup

9 – The White House is saving money and that’s good, but they are cutting all newspaper and magazine subscriptions and that can’t be good.

10 – Great moments in technology that CNN has tried out – many of them web based.

11 – The Harvard School of Business has basically said that niche papers are the only way for journalism to be profitable in the future.  I think that is true.  The only troubling issue to me is that there will be no one left with deep pockets to do investigative journalism. The Media Business Blog agrees basically and says that there is no model for 20th Century Journalism as a megabusiness.   And there is another post from the Online Journalism Blog that blames the web for the changes in economics that have killed traditional journalism.

12 – Jon Stewart is the most trusted newsman in America.  NBC’s Brian Williams is a distant second.

Jon Stewart takes up Walter Cronkite's mantle.

Jon Stewart takes up Walter Cronkite's mantle.

13 – Journalism 101 is bucking the trend and defends J-Schools as valuable for the 16 Things You Learn in Journalism School.

14 – Blogger Justin McLachlan posts 10 Things You Need To Understand To Save Journalism.

15 – has posted 15 of their highly rated tutorial videos about Final Cut Pro for Free.

16 – We know that the MegaPixel wars are over.  All cameras have plenty of MP these days.  What are the five features you really need on your digital camera?

17 – It’s not Big Brother of 1984 that we need to worry about says Michael Wesch, but the society of overabundance in a Brave New World that is the danger we face today. I liked this talk so much, I’m reading Brave New World right now. This comic, Amusing Ourselves To Death, sums up the main points – but the video is good too.

18 – The Way We Watch blog has a great post on how TV news should change to attract more audience in the future, he has several specific ideas on how to change newscasts.

19 – The New York Times reports that Cornell University has done a study showing that the news cycle today is 2.5 hours.  Wow!  That’s fast.

20 – Kirk LaPointe’s blog says the Internet is not killing newspapers, direct mail marketing is because it is taking the most expensive ads away from the newspaper due to targeted nature of mailing.

Have a great week, school will be starting soon.  I have about two more weeks until teachers go back for inservice.  I’m ready to go back, but not ready for inservice.

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