Cool Links #54: Are We There Yet?

Seems like this was the summer of waiting.  With no budget, there wasn’t anywhere to go, so it was the summer of staycation and with the state of journalism, it was the summer of waiting to see if anyone could turn the corner and stop bleeding jobs.

Teacher work days start Monday, so the waiting for school is over.  And now is the time for more cool links.

1 – Really good advice right here 12 Things Newspapers Should Do To Survive.

2 – Here’s a lesson I always teach in my photography classes – how to remove an object in photoshop.

3 – This is a super tutorial on keeping your video “broadcast safe” for those of you still putting video out over a TV system or even when burning DVDs.

4 – This video via Free Technology for Teachers is really worth a look.  It is a panel with five teens and twenty-somethings discussing what they would be willing to pay for online.  I’d be interested in a similar panel with late-twenties and early thirties.  Plus the panel was not very racially diverse – no African Americans or Hispanics. Might have been better with about 10 kids.

5 – Here’s a plugin for Final Cut that lets you use gradients in lower thirds.

6 – This is a must read for back to school students – How to Get Things Done for Students. It may be targeted at college kids, but high school students can use the same advice.

7 – Here’s another link aimed at college kids – or really college grads, but this advice will work with high school grads who want to go to j-school and are writing letters or essays for admission – they should follow and avoid the Top 6 AP Style Errors.

8 – Photofocus has Seven Good Tips for Buying A New Camera.  Great tips, there are so many good cameras out there.

9 – As school is starting back up, you might want to get into your lab and fire up all the computers.   Techradar has 50 Expert Tips for Making Your PC Faster.  Most are PC targeted, but many work on Macs too.

Short list today, sorry but I’ve been trying to get as much last minute rest in before Monday!  Have a good school year.

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  1. Great points you raise in item #4. I too would have been interested to see a larger, more diverse sample size. As an early 30-something, I can safely say that my online purchasing habits are similar to those of the 20-somethings on the panel.


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