“A House With All The Children Gone”

I’m going to let my geek cred out, because the only way I can explain how I have felt this week is to say that I feel just like Capt. Kirk in the opening moments of Star Trek III – I feel like I’m walking around in a house with all the children gone.

A House With All The Children Gone

A House With All The Children Gone

The reason I have felt that way is that a number of my former students have been Facebook messaging their moves to Texas State, Sam Houston State and other universities around Texas.  And I have been messaging with them with a mixture of intense pride and muted sadness.  I’m proud of them heading out to become adults in the wider world, where many of them are studying communications or media.  But at the same time I’ve been walking around the school with a hollowness in me.

A number of my students spend two, three or even four years in my classroom learning about media in various ways.  And in the last five years 2005-2009, I had a group of kids that was so special I doubt I’ll see a group like it for a long time, if ever.  And last year, a huge group of them graduated, ending the cycle.

Additionally, our CTE department also is starting up a competing video program, with a ton of money and new equipment.  So far, all I’ve gotten from my principal is a promise to try to find funds to upgrade my lab.

So, to complete my geek analogy, I feel like my classroom is the wounded Enterprise and my cadets have left the academy to their assignments in the fleet.  And my only hope is that somehow we will find new money to build a new Enterprise and bring in the Next Generation of crew members to take the helm.

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