Cool Links #55: Busy Bees Bust Behinds To Begin Year

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like posting a cool links post and if you read my blog for the other stuff beyond the links, then you know I’ve been the Drama King lately.  But I’m feeling fairly good after my first week of school and I’m ready for a bunch-o-links.

1 – Let’s kick this off with a superb article on social photojournalist Dorothea Lange.  Every photography teacher knows about the Migrant Mother photo, but this post has several other gems, like this ironic photo of a Japanese-American US Army soldier picking crops at an internment camp farm with a relative of his.

2 – This is for all of us Type-geeks out there, Typedia – a Wikipedia of typefaces and fonts.  Fun and useful. Thanks to Net@Night podcast for the resource.

3 – This video really spells out for students why privacy is so important on the internet.  I’ve seen it before, but not sure if I posted it here.  Great for classes about internet usage or web design.

4 – This is good for both journalism classes and web classes – an AP Style Guide Quiz about Internet terms.

5 – WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGES!  This is an incredible video.  My school did a Shattered Dreams video/reenactment several years ago, but this focuses on Texting While Driving and has a lot of money behind it.  I think the video is great. The video is from Wales (Great Britain) and occasionally the accents are a little thick.

6 – The New York Times has a good slide show about photo fakery and it has a few photos I’ve not seen before.

7 – Great how to video from Nicole Young at Photofocus on making pure white backgrounds in photographs.

8 – This next video is near to my heart, it is about the damage to Galveston Bay and the marshes in the Texas Gulf done by Hurricane Ike.  We need more videos about this, ours is the forgotten hurricane.  We still have a lot of blue roofs in our community and other damage still not repaired from the storm.

9 – Alex4d is a top notched source of Final Cut plug ins and he also makes his usable by Express users too.  His latest are a video crop plug-in and text crawl.

10 – Cheat sheets for Audacity, Photoshop, Final Cut, iMovie.  (Not cheating by the way!)

11 – Interesting graphic.  Publishing has a 13.9 percent increase in unemployment as an industry, but salaries have risen.

12 – This is terribly funny, the map of The Semicolonial State of San Serriffe.

13 – Great graphics about how much underwater Internet cable is out there and telegrams vs. email.

14 – More tool how to’s from the Photoshop Basics blog – Lasso.

15 – Great list of video terms from TV and online and how to use VO, SOT, PKG, Balcony, Founder’s Box, etc.

16 – Web 2.0 Horror Trailer.  Oh, the humanity…..

17 – Testing Improvement Service (can you feel the drip of sarcasm)

Improve Your Test Scores Today!

Improve Your Test Scores Today!

18 – Google for Educators – lessons and lesson plans for web search, linking and reasonableness of results.  A companion video is Common Crafts – Web Search in Plain English.

19 – Again the NY Times has a fun and scary game about texting and driving.  I was 33 percent slower but missed 2 percent less gates than other drivers.  I did not see the gray lady.

20 – Know a lot about print and photos, but are frightened of the web?  JEA has the answers with a handout for putting your pictures on the Internets.

21 – This is a cool product, the Portabooth, but it seems to me you could make one with a cardboard box and some foam (especially since his product is $129).  Might be worth a try.

22 – My blogging friend, Clix, is taking over the Carnival of Education.  Let’s all wish her good luck.  I know she’ll make it a success.

23 – News photos that took photoshop too far.  Great post.

Wow, what a list.  Got to get back to a once a week cool links schedule.


  1. That Brit texting vid is disturbing, but I don’t know if it will have the desired impact. So many kids are immune to violence of any kind, and as soon as they’re told this is a staged video, I’m afraid they won’t take it as seriously as they should…

    • Sure some are jaded, but not as many as you might think. We did a mock drunk driving accident at my school 4 years ago and some kids who were not in the reenactment were actually crying. This was a fairly realistic simulation, but not as good as the video.

  2. You are amazing. How you find all these things is beyond me. Or, I should say, how you find time to find all these things. I’m teaching 4 preps this year, scrambling like crazy, and not keeping up very well. And that’s just school stuff. The rest of my life is on hold until Thanksgiving break!

    • RSS Reader! I have about 80 blogs and such that I keep in my RSS reader and I skim the stories every day. Then I mark ones I think are worth a deeper look, which is a Saturday/Sunday activity. Then I crank out a blog post. It is easier in the summer, but I also try to do it twice a week. During school I can only manage once a week. Thanks for the complement, just knowing I helped someone makes it worth it. But I started doing it for the selfish reason of keeping all my great web links in one basket.

  3. Great posts as always Teach! I was going to forward the texting video to my principal but before I do, there is a website burned into the bottom corner that isn’t entirely appropriate. Any idea where a non-bugged version might be?

    • Sorry, that’s the link I’ve seen posted on the net. Maybe you can find the original if you can track down who made the video. I’ve not really tried too hard, since that bug is so small as to be easily ignored.

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