Cool Links #53: New High Score!

I have a new high for one-day visits to my site – 332 in one day, this past Tuesday.  So, of course I’m pumped and here we go with links:

1 – I know I’m often Mac-centric, so today I’ll start off with a Windows link.  Free Technology for Teachers has a video on how to retrieve deleted files in Windows Vista only.  I use XP at work, so this doesn’t help me much, but hopefully it helps someone out there when an important yearbook spread is deleted or something.

2 – Black Star Rising has joined the ranks of high school photo teachers and has a great tip for teaching newbies – tell them every photo needs a verb!

3 – has a terrific post on How To Write a Press Release.  With so many journalism/media majors going into PR, it’s a good bet they may have to do one sometime.

4 – This one is NSFS, so don’t show it to your students without cleanup first, but the ideas are good.  What the F… is Social Media.  Great slide show about the usefulness of the platforms. As a companion to it are 20 Mind Blowing statistics about social media.

5 – Web design teachers, JEA has a useful PDF handout on their site for choosing a URL and getting a hosting service.

6 – If you teach web design and you don’t read yet, you should.  They have 30 useful scripts for dropdown menus.

7 – I use several tools developed for teachers by Kagan, but here is a free Online Stopwatch when you want to time your students on a certain task.

8 – The CJR (Columbia Journalism Review) has a survey that shows newspapers are still read mainly on dead trees.  Even I’ve been reading the hometown Deadtree Daily more this summer, but I think I won’t have time for it once school starts.

9 – My new camera has 15 MP, how big can I print a photo?  I get this question from photography students a lot.  This chart from Design215 will give you all the answers.

Cool Megapixel to print size chart

Cool Megapixel to print size chart

10 – Hadn’t watched this video in a while, but it still hits me.  Journalism students usually are “the crazy ones.”

11 – And related to Crazy is this post from Mindy McAdams – it is Time To Get Crazy in journalism.  The time for safe is past.  We can’t just keep doing what we’ve been doing, because the results are not good.

12 – Cyndy Green has been great enough to share how she deals with the first week of school in her video production class and how she manages the gear in the classroom – always a huge task.  Thanks.

13 – The incomparable Edit Foundry blog has more on Long Form Editing – this time using closeups.

Baker’s Dozen for today – enjoy and good luck on the upcoming school year.