Cool Links #56: No Snow, No Leopards – Only Tigers and Bears

Snow Leopard came out this week, but we are not yet upgrading, in fact we are still using Tiger as our standard production OS.  I do have leopard on my laptop, but that has been it’s own nightmare.  I think we will upgrade to Leopard 10.5, but not Snow Leopard 10.6 when we get our new copies of CS4 later this year.  Anyway, on with the links.

1 – If you are moving forward on the Apple platform, you really must migrate to iMovie 09, so says Flickschool.  We have moved on to Final Cut, but for schools that just can’t or find it too complex, then 09 is for you.

2 – If you haven’t heard of Auto Tune the News, then you are missing out on some hilarity.  Schmoyoho – a youtube creator has them on his channel.  Very creative and funny.

3 – Black Star Rising photo blog has us tech teachers nailed – as in we’re doing it right!  He has a great chart on the taxonomy of doing vs. lecture.  When the kids get up and out of their desks and pick up the gear and do it, then they get it.

Taxonomy of Learning

Taxonomy of Learning

4 – This one is a great history lesson about the internet, how 20 top sites looked when they launched.  My favorite is YouTube.

YouTube on launch day!

YouTube on launch day!

5 – Flawless skin, perfect hair, bright white teeth, it must be Photoshop and it is.  Fun Tuna has a collection of before and after photoshop images. Here’s my favorite.

Great skin tone

Great skin tone

6 – I’m having trouble getting kids to understand that being a good ______ (writer, photographer, shooter, editor, on-air talent) isn’t enough anymore.  You must be a jack of all trades and master of all too, or the jobs just won’t be there for you.

Don't Get Left Behind

Don't Get Left Behind

7 – If you don’t have Alex4d in your RSS reader, then you are going to miss out on some great FREE plug ins for Final Cut, like this one for feathering.

8 – This is a super quick post with five rules it’s OK to break in video and five rules you better not break.

Short list this week and a bonus question – does anyone out there know how to download Vimeo videos.  Vimeo is blocked at my school, just like Youtube, but I can’t find any good resources for downloading Vimeo videos.  I appreciate any help.



  1. Being a jack (or jill)-of-all-trades is what has kept me employed…and interested in my various jobs…all these years…

    • I hear you. I think I’ve gotten most of my jobs because I can shoot video and photos, edit, design, write and teach.

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