Cool Links #57: Picture Day Madness

We had photo day at our school this last week and it actually went pretty well.  We were able to make it through another year without any major disruptions.  Now, on to the links…

1 –  “I’d give Byron a 7.5, but you can’t dance to it.” This is what I feel about Mr. Teacher’s post on Rating Your Teaching and the behavior of students.  He has a useful, but at the same time meaningless scale, that even he says is useless in rating teachers via the behavior of their students.  To me it is like telling coal miners to go down in the mine and mine coal, and then be unhappy with them for the quality of the coal in the mine. I’m a 7.5 by the way.

2 –  This happens to me all the time.  I find a great site and create some content with my students and then a week or two later it is blocked by our IT wizards.

Moving the Goal Posts

Moving the Goal Posts

3 –  I couldn’t pass up these graphics from Dangerously Irrelevant.

Are you the shoe or the insect today?

Are you the shoe or the insect today?

In Filters We Trust

In Filters We Trust

4 –  Flick School has a great example of the terms Rough Cut and Final Cut.

The Final Cut

5 – An insider’s view of the Backpack Journalist or Solo MoJo revolution.

6 – The Ugly Truths of Modern Journalism from 10,000 Words blog.  Good read for all of us who educate future journalists – if there is such a thing.

7 – This is a long post, but well worth it.  The Top 10 Lies the Newspaper Industry is telling itself.

8 – Herff Jones, the yearbook company, has started a blog – Speaking Yearbook.  I hope this is a trend and other companies start one too.

9 – Neatorama has a cool post on a new Math Book that has a great section on the Golden Ratio.  Put away your fear of numbers for a minute and grab your calculator, because the Golden Ratio is the basis of the Rule of Thirds, 35mm film and the 3-4 TV screen size.

10 – Alex4d has another plug-in, inside-outside matte.

11 – Photographer Amanda Emily has a cool tool, a blue hour / golden hour timetable generator.   Just pop in your address or zip code and you can get a table of the hours for the entire month.

12 –  The lovely named Mrs. Shaner’s class web page has a great treasure of InDesign worksheets near the very bottom.  Great for yearbook or Desktop Publishing classes.

13 – DPs has the Indiana Jone’s themed post – Secrets of the Marquee Tool.  (imagine theme music as you read the title)

14 – The SciFi themed io9 blog has a well thought out post – Stop Shaking My Movies Like A Polaroid Picture.  First explain just what that is to your digital camera wielding students. Then get them to put their cameras on tripods.



15 – If you like type, and you should, then this blog is for you – Typography Served is a fun blog about typefaces and more.

16 – In Australia – New South Wales to be exact, they are giving every kid a netbook with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite on it.  When can we start doing that here in the states?

Have a great week.

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  1. Funny! Our photo day is in a couple weeks. Can’t wait. NOT!

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