Cool Links #59: New Toys Edition

This week we got some new gear and have been having some fun playing around with it.  I can’t wait until we get the new cameras and new software to put all the new stuff into use. Until then I’ll have to be happy with all the cool links on the ‘net.

1 – CNN put together this informative and moving tribute to one of their own, camera operator Margaret Moth.  She is an inspiration for everyone.  She was a pioneer in the TV News business when there were very few women running cameras and she chose the toughest assignments in war zones around the planet. This is well worth the time to watch.

Margaret Moth is Fearless

Margaret Moth is Fearless

2 – Another well-crafted video is the Myths and Opportunities: Technology in the Classroom.  My favorite part is when the narrator says that we can’t keep blocking every social networking tool on the Internet and expecting our students to create new and interesting things at the same time.

Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom

3 – As a typeface nut, I just love this comparison of Arial and Helvetica, two of my favorite fonts.

Arial and Helvetica

Arial and Helvetica

4 – This seems to be video week, and this link is a youtube vid about the advertising crash that is killing nearly every type of media — The Mad Avenue Blues.

5 – How do you store digital photos for the long-term?  What is bit-rot?  Burn CDs, DVDs, TB drives?  Petapixel has the answers to all these questions on how to store your digital pics for the long term.

6 – Have newspapers fallen off a cliff? This graphic makes it appear so, that their ad revenues are in free fall.  This is bad for a lot of journalists who work in the newspaper industry and to a certain extent the TV news industry too.

7 – Bob Kaplitz’s blog has been cranking out good content lately.  Well worth the watch.  How to add interest to your video story.

How to get b-roll and add interest to a story

How to get b-roll and add interest to a story

8 – I’ve been looking for this for a long time – a great list of do’s for taking more compelling portraits.  Mug shots are so boring, but you have to have them in a newspaper or yearbook.  Here’s six ways from the dPS to take better portraits.

9 – What if newspapers are doomed?  What if we are experiencing a change like that of movable type?  The Gutenberg press changed the religious, political and educational scope of Europe in the 1500s and 1600s.  It upset conventional society and changed everything.  What if the Internet is like this for newspapers?  What then?

Have a great week and keep on teaching those journalism skills.  Got to have the skillz.  Mad skillz.


  1. Thanks so much for these links. I’ll be passing along the Margaret Moth link to Ella Numera Dos…she’s thinking about a career in photo, and has recently expressed an interest in TV camera work.

    • Just so long as she doesn’t want to be a TV news camera person. After newspapers finish cratering, I think TV news is next. Maybe she could be a documentary film maker.

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