Cool Links #60: Workshop Wonders

I had a great time at the TAJE Houston Journalism Workshop yesterday.  It was almost all about new media and convergence journalism.  It actually got me excited about all the crazy changes we’re going through right now.  Here are the links.

1 – You ever wonder what HIPPA or FERPA stand for?  Well, wonder no longer and use the Abbreviation and Acronym finder to figure all that alphabet soup out.

2 – This one is just great, heard about it at the workshop – Nick Thune sings about why you need to buy a yearbook – so people can write in it.  Courtesy of the Jay Leno show.

Think about what you write in people's yearbook

Think about what you write in people's yearbook

3 – Here’s a great resource I’ve never seen before – snapfactory’s Photography One to One.  Great podcast-like video show where the host answers questions about photography.

Snapfactory's YouTube Channel

Snapfactory's YouTube Channel

4 –   This video has such a good use of b-roll and great angles.  This could be a student produced video, easily.

Great video showing how to use b-roll

Great video showing how to use b-roll

5 – This one is just for fun: 21 Signs You’re A Real Photographer – best takeaway:  1. Your friends have begun to hand you their cameras at social gatherings when they want a good picture taken.

6 – This tool is going to get a work out the next time I have a sub.  This is a vocabulary quiz maker. Every journalism/media/tech subject has lots of vocabulary.  This quiz maker finds the definitions for you and then generates the quiz.  Great.

7 – This is so much fun.  I’ve seen the evolution of Mac OS from the Lisa to Leopard, but this is the evolution of Windows. Fun.

Windows 1.0

Windows 1.0

The first real GUI of Windows

The first real GUI of Windows

8 – Copyblogger has a great tip SPEED for improving the productivity of your writing – best take away E: Establish a Structure.

9 – The former CEO of the Dow Jones says the obvious:  High Quality Journalism Costs Money.  Wow, who knew?

10 – I love the Common Craft videos and this is done in that style – Digital Storytelling for Teachers.

11 – Here’s great advice for giving presentations from Guy Kawasaki.

Enjoy the cool link goodness.


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