Day of Weirdness

Today was a crazy day.  We lost power, but only in part of the building.  I actually sat in air conditioned splendor during the entire event.  But because we lost power in about 70 percent of the building – during lunch no less – we ended up sending the students home.

This happened on Homecoming Friday.  Normally we have a pep rally on this day.  It is a huge deal and a big tradition.  But with no power, there was no way to even feed the students, never mind have a pep rally.  So, we called for the buses and sent the kids home early.

Before we were able to do all of that, we were under “lock down” with our kids for two hours.  This meant I had to sweep up any kids near my classroom, there were two, and keep them in my room until the all clear.  I understand the lock down, but it was hard on the kids who didn’t have lunch yet.  We were lucky because my class is actually connected to the freshmen class offices.

The freshmen counselor actually made my kids popcorn and we used the soda machine in the teacher’s lounge to help keep the kids happy and not hungry.  It turned a potentially bad situation into a fun one.

I still have to collect several cameras, due to the fact that my photojournalism kids were out shooting during the event.  They were swept up all over campus.  Fun will ensue again on Tuesday after our teacher workday.

If that wasn’t wild enough, we are now dodging the rain that started falling around 10 a.m. at the game tonight.  Hopefully we can crown the king and queen without them drowning.


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  1. We too had homecoming on the 9th, but lovely weather and no power outages. The first storm is headed to us right now so should make for a fun week. Our students cannot handle rain very well as they have no clothes for it.

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