Cool Links #61: Something Wicked This Way Comes

We’ve had a spell of weird weather in Houston and it has rained or threatened to rain nearly every Friday Night and dampened our Football Lights.  This week it made for a soggy Homecoming.  We also had a power outage on the same day, making for a wicked, wild, weird October weekend. So, we are in need of very cool links:

1 – PBS Teachers has an archive of their webinars that are for Media and Technology – definitely worth a look to find something you may be able to use.

2 – The Teach Paperless blog is right about the kids being all right.  Paperless, online newspapers are the wave of the future and my school gave up printing a paper edition three years ago.  We are fully online with via ASNE.

3 – The has a super video on how to create your own DIY light kit from lights available at any Lowe’s or Wal-Mart.

4 – The Online Journalism Blog has an interesting video about making sure your text rules, because audiences still want text when it comes to news.

5 – The TED Talks blog has posted a video from David Logan who discusses the levels of tribes and how we see other tribes.  This is important for any group who is trying to complete a task, like a yearbook.  My staff is usually a level three tribe, and a few times a level four tribe, but never a level five tribe yet.

6 – This is a great idea for keeping the yearbook in front of your readers all the time.  Have the yearbook staff create custom wallpaper for every sport, group, etc. That way, they put you on their desktop and you can always tell them to buy a yearbook.  Works for newspaper staff too.

7 – Want to make big money in broadcasting, forget TV and Radio, that’s what Leo Laporte did.  He created his own network on the Internet and makes $1.5 million a year. Watch him talk about it.

8 – It’s all about Solo-Mojo’s or One-Man-Bands these days in ENG.  So, how do you do a ‘stand-up’ without a camera person? Bob Kaplitz’s blog will show you how to do it right and be creative too.

9 – Finally, Digidave has a roundup of videos on his blog this week, some you may have seen before and some new ones about where is this thing called journalism going?

Keep on teaching!


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  1. Just want to say thanks for spending so much time putting up these links. I’m a new advisor (went to ASNE last summer) and these have been so valuable. Just today I went over to Teach Paperless and now have another blog that I will be following, thanks to you. Hope your year is going well and that you find a way to actually get some work done on the inservice day!

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