Staff Development and the Endless Sitting

I don’t know about you, but I dread staff development days.

First, I am a department of one.  Being a journalism teacher and a technology teacher, there is simply no one in my district with the same course list as me.  So, when I go to staff development sessions, they either don’t apply to my content area or I’m the only one they do apply to.

This makes for long, boring days usually spent sitting on my bum.  When I teach, I rarely sit.  I’m an up and around kind of teacher.  I like to wander the room and see what my students are doing.  My room often looks like chaos, but work is usually getting done.  I have to help it sometimes, and so my wandering has a purpose.  Plus I get bored sitting in one place.  I like to move around.

Staff development is hell.  And today I’m going to be spending eight hours discussing Career Academies.  I get the idea and we’ve already had three different meetings about them.  This is one of the reasons I like my principal, he hates meetings and so do I.  I won’t get to make any of the decisions about the Academies.  Seems to me they could have emailed us a power point on how they will work.  So, this seems mostly pointless to me, but I will go and do my duty – and sit on my bum.



  1. You struck a nerve – I was in English, but they really didn’t like broadcasting in there cause it was performing arts, so they stuck me in VAPA, which said I didn’t really fit cause I was (a) English/writing, (b) neither a performing nor a fine art, but more a mix of both, but honestly (c) technology.

    My response is this is the one class on campus that defies pigeonholing – it embodies everything that is being taught by all other classes.

    • I totally agree. We journalists, especially broadcast journalists are jacks of all trades. We are part writer, actor, artists, technologist, social scientist, statistician, and more. We must know about artistic and practical shooting of photos and videos, multiple styles of writing from opinion to features, sound and music recording and editing, page layout and design principles and much more. We must be experts about every subject we cover from economics to sports, from scientific principals to the newest high tech gear. We are the ultimate cross-curriculum class, yet we are often an after thought in the curriculum.

  2. I wholeheartedly concur! I just don’t see the point. We had 3.5 hours of inservice yesterday, after a half-day for students. Did I learn anything? Nada. Zip. Zilch. I think staff development was invented for those who love to hear themselves talk…

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