Cool Links #62: Teacher Support System

We teachers who blog often put our emotions and feelings out on display.  We put our experiences and teaching technique in public for all to see.  Most of the time, it is rewarding and helpful.  It has connected me to a number of teachers from Maine to California.  I literally have a whole network of educators I can depend on to share their talent and expertise.

But sometimes, it calls out the trolls.

A teacher and fellow blogger, who I think of as a friend (even though we’ve never met) has become the focus of one of these trolls on her blog.  It is sad that some people have nothing better to do with their time and energy, than to spew vitriol at someone who is only trying to do their best to educate young minds.   If you have a moment, please visit her blog and give her a word of encouragement.  I know how difficult it can be when a troll decides to target you for their bile.  She deserves so much better.

Now, for a change of pace – some cool links.

1 – I love TED Talks.  They are often powerful, educating, entertaining and insightful.  A recent one is by Julian Treasure who has a great talk about the Four Ways Sound Affects Us.

2 – If your school newspaper doesn’t have an online site, then you need to watch this video.

3 – This kid is incredible.  He has created his own news channel on the internet (Weekend News Today) by banding together with other kids and setting up a global newscast.  He just needs to get an RSS feed so I can add it to my Google Reader.

4 – This was a fun read from Journalism 2010 – Four Things Journalists Can Learn from Presidential History.  Best take away:  Personal relationships are best begun face-to-face. In today’s age of texting, tweeting and cell phone calls we sometimes forget that face-to-face human contact adds so much.

5 – The wonderful Hongkiat blog has a super post with 100 Beautiful Black and White Portraits.  Sometimes we forget about the power of black and white in the digital age.  I just finished a unit on portraits and this would have been great, maybe next semester. And it is totally safe for school.

Snap, Gotcha!

Snap, Gotcha!

5 – Thanks to Free Technology for Teachers for this link to a hand-washing video from Sesame Street.

Wow, I know short list of links.  But some weeks it’s feast and some it’s famine.


  1. You are too kind…thank you for the shout out and sympathy. I’m not taking it too hard because if you teach high school kids, then you are used to getting your ego stepped on.

  2. Thanks for putting our video on your blog!

  3. Thanks for the link back! Happy I could find your website. I’ll add it to my blogroll. Keep up the great posts.

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