Cool Links #64: The Deadline Post

Now that football season is nearly over, comes an even more important season:  Yearbook Season.  The first deadlines have come and I can now see which young, starry-eyed journalists are not entirely made for yearbook.  When checking stories and layouts, there seemed to be some missing content.  So, this week will be their last chance to impress and turn in their work.  It just seems like every year there are always a few kids that just don’t get the importance of turning in work on time in order to have a great book.  Oh, well, on to the links.

1 – What is the future of media? Good question and even better answer.  I love the snark in this quote:  How about an easy question like “What is the purpose of the universe?”

2 – The Bellringers blog wonders how we can live and prosper without – – – – – chocolate?  I think the Orwellian faction at the US Dept. of Ed. needs to get a grip.  This edict has killed two of our best fundraisers and the pressure of testing has killed another one.  We can’t sell food in any form during the school day AND we can’t have any activity that takes kids out of class during the school day. Brutal.  Anyone have an idea for a good fund raiser?

3 – Where was this table the other day when I needed it.  My web design class asked me what comes after petabytes.  I didn’t know.  Should have asked Wikipedia.

4 – I think the Internet is stealing my lessons.  LOL.  We were discussing the legalities of school officials forcing kids to take down photos from Myspace, etc.  Here’s another case where photos taken outside of school got kids in hot water in school.

5 – I totally agree with the Principal’s Page that we are pampering the Germ-Ex Generation entirely too much.  We also panic at the slightest provocation.

6 – In this digital world of photography, it feels like we’ve forgotten the beauty and power of black and white photography.  Maybe a lesson idea for my photojournalism kids!

Power of Black and White

Power of Black and White

7 – This video is so cool as a video teacher, I wish I had thought of it first.

8 – Good news:  Newspapers aren’t dying as fast as everyone says they are. And I believe that they won’t die, just shrink.  People will always need news and they want it to be ad supported and free to read, or very close to free.  What we are seeing is not the end of news, but the end of the organization known as a newspaper.  We don’t want everything that a newspaper used to bundle in one place.  In fact, most of us don’t need or want everything that’s in a newspaper.  Micro news sites will take their place, and that means fewer journalists unfortunately. (see article #1)

9 – I hate it when I come across a blog or video site that doesn’t have an RSS feed.  Andy Dickinson has a quick tip on how to make your own RSS feed.

10 – The 10,000 Words blog has a great post on how Alfred Hickcock can make you a better video creator.  I love this list of to do’s.

11 – I’m going to share this with my yearbook staff, because some of them need more passion – 10 Things Google has taught us. Best take away – Passion Wins!

Have a great week, but don’t give any candy to your students.