Cool Links #68: The One About Diet Promises

I’ve been dying to use the “Friends” title of the week meme for one of my posts.  Now I’ve done that.  I have to agree with the Principal’s Page blog, school is making me FAT!  OK, I’m the one.  I eat the calories and don’t hit the treadmill.  So, I’m going to end each cool links blog post with a – minus number of pounds (good) or a + plus number (bad) of pounds from my starting weight.  That way I have some accountability and you don’t have to know just how FAT I am, only if I’m making headway to my goal. So on to the links.

1 – If you read my last post, and you should, then you already know the Edublog Awards are back.  Nominate your favorite blogs by Dec. 8.  I’ve already got two nominations, so I feel great.  There are a ton of categories, so please nominate your favorite educational blogs.

2 – I think I ran across this one on Digg, Emily Kostic’s blog has a Vimeo video about racist searches on Google.  The video is small and hard to read, but worth the time.  It really makes you think about how members of various racial and ethnic groups feel when they see those kinds of searches on the automatic recommendations on Google.  Maybe Google should do something about it.  I think so.

3 – Wikinomics has an interesting piece on Journalism and the future of news.  It is really sobering when you think about the fact that newspapers have only been around for 400 years and the profession of journalism for less than 200.

4 – This link comes from a new source on my RSS reader – The Teacher Chronicles and the story is about how the most important things we teach in the classroom can not be taught with technology.  So true.

5 – I’m really going to try this next idea with my broadcast students.  Just For TV Teachers says to get them to tell you JUST ONE NEW THING with each news piece.  I like it.

6 – There have been a lot of stories lately about Rupert Murdoch and his complaining about worthless readers.  I am at the other end of the spectrum.  We have a ton of people who “just look” at our photos on smugmug.  They don’t buy, but we have seen a lot more buzz and response to our yearbook this year.  I think some of it is due to the fact that the students and parents have seen the photos that are going into the yearbook.  You just have to find a physical product to see to virtual eyeballs.

7 – Last week I blogged about how newspapers/TV stations are slow to keep up with new technology.  And I think this is one reason why – check out this story about several TV reporters who may be fired because of what they Twittered on their news station feed.

8 – If you aren’t reading this blog and others in an RSS reader, then you should be.  Here’s RSS in plain English.

9 – Kudo’s to Brian Williams of NBC News and the LA Times for finally getting around to reporting some Good News.

10 – My video students are always complaining that they don’t need to storyboard.  Here’s a great rebuttal from Creating Lifelong Learners.

Weight Goal +/- zero.  Tune in next week to see how I’ve done.