Snow Day in the Great American South

We had a snow day today.  An actual, real, live snow day.  For those of you that live in more northern climes, this is no big deal.  But here in southeast Texas, it is huge.  We went to school this morning, and the snow really started coming down around 9 a.m.  By 10 a.m. they told us we were going home at 11 a.m.

I snowed fairly hard until noon.  This just never happens here in the sultry sunny south.  Most Decembers we sit out on the back porch and barbecue in shorts and a t-shirt.  It was in the upper 60s just two days ago.

Snow in Houston

Snow in Houston

I know in most northern states, a little snow flurry like this wouldn’t even phase the schools or the town.  But here in Houston they actually have records on how many times there have been snow since 1865 – 14 now.  We also don’t have snow plows, salt trucks or drivers who know how to deal with ice or snow.  So any kind of wet freezing stuff falling from the sky can shut down the whole city.

It did also have the added benefit of getting people into the holiday spirit.  I even heard someone driving around blasting Christmas carols from their car stereo.  I’m still watching snow fall outside my window.  Hope my wife gets let out of her school soon.  We probably have more than 40 school districts in the city and they each decide when and how to deal with weather situations.



  1. You know, I just wrote about this today! I took an idea from the EC ning and we traced our hands and filled the outline with things we wished we could touch… one of the ideas I put in my hand was “the joy of the year’s first snow day!”

    wow… it seems SO EARLY but then I remind myself that it’s already December 4… !!!!

    • It’s really early for us, we are usually running around in shorts in the lower 70s this time of year. But everyone had such a great time today. It was refreshing to see people happy after such a terrible year this has been with the economy, layoffs, etc.

  2. Snow is a wonderful sight at first but to be honest its does allot of damage also. For example my country had its first white Christmas and new year and we are recovering from the aftermath. Frost and snow cause pot holes on the roads and our water supply has taken a hit. Plus if you have mobile internet like mine the frost will screw up your web connection. But snow is fun all the same.

    • Don’t get me wrong i like snow, just that it can cause mayhem in some places 🙂

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