Cool Links #69: The One Where We Made No Jokes

What an amazing pick-me-up we were given in Houston this week.  It really made us all feel better.  Now I just hope we can sell a few more books this final week of yearbook sales. Wish us luck.  On to the links.

1 – I’m pretty sure that I’ve blogged about this before, but I can’t find it anywhere on my site, so maybe not.  This is a short documentary style story about a pressman who still creates outstanding typography using a letter press.  Worth a watch.

2 – This was an interesting watch – the decade 2000-2009 in seven minutes.

3 – As a high school teacher especially, we have to at least understand the talk.  That is the lingo of teenagers.  In the world of the 21st Century, that means text speak, slang and more.  Teacher 2.0 has a short list of hot terms.

Emo Grass

Emo Grass

4 – It is sad how many unconfirmed numbers are flying around in both online and traditional news outlets.  This is not journalism, and needs to be crushed.  My own journalism teacher held the threat of an F over our heads for an error of fact in any story turned in. This goes well with an article about fixing mistakes from

5 – There is hope for the future of news.  David S. Bennahum wants to do for news, what McDonald’s did for fast food.  Turn it into a self sustaining franchise system that can be set up in any town in America.  Yes there is some localization, but it is mostly about keeping costs reasonable and focusing on what the local community wants/needs in a news organization.  I’ve been preaching this very model for a while.  I’m just not wealthy and not good at fundraising.

6 – The Epic Fail of news – Probably Bad News.  Funny, but not – all at the same time.

7 – If you are teaching interview techniques, here are 92 interviews to watch as good examples.

8 – Even with the hope of item number 5, I do agree with the Newsosaur, that we are likely to lose an entire generation of news reporters as newspapers and TV news programs fail, but before a fully functional web news system takes its place.

9 – This looks like a fun thing to try with students – Write or Die.  As they say, putting the prod in productivity.  This tool actually eats the words you’ve typed if you don’t keep typing.

10 – Lost Remote feels that local TV news is already dead.  I think that in many ways they are correct, but I also think that those of us who are immersed in digital online media think everyone is too.  But in reality, even large numbers of the under 20 generation still consume a lot of TV.  I think it still has some life left in it yet.  The internet still doesn’t do well during bad weather and under the crush of huge numbers of visitors (like during a crisis).

Unfortunately I am +2.5 pounds this week.  Ouch.  Too many events where there was food served.  I’ve got to eat less and exercise more.


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  1. The Emo video is priceless, but I’m not sure if I could show it in the classroom. And I think I’m going to try Write or Die…see what my lazy cherubs can do!

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