Cool Links #70: The One Where I’m Not Bitter

This last week the nominations for the 2009 Edublogs were released – and despite reading two of my pal’s blogs where I was nominated, I did not end up on the official nomination list.  But as I said in the title, I’m not bitter.  Maybe I’ll take a page from my friend the Scholastic Scribe and create my own awards. Well, on to the links.

1 – Ever want a cool Twitter Web 2.0 style logo?  Well, now you can create one in seconds at Twitlogo.

2 – If you want to feel old, even if you are a 20- or 30-something, just watch this video of the decade according to 9-year-olds.  You know them, they were the Millennial Kids born in the year 2000.  I know one personally, because he is my son.

3 – This really scares me as a journalism/media teacher – just as it looks like the massive job cuts may be slowing or even stopping in the news business, there are many big news companies ready to outsource production jobs to large central locations, possibly even off-shore.  It really looks bad for kids who want to pursue a career in nearly any type of media.

4 – This next post is going to be useful for me, my kids are weakest at interviewing.  This is especially true if there is any resistance on the part of the subject or if they don’t know who to interview. They’d rather just give up and look for another story, no matter how boring.  They’d rather it be easy.

5 – As a school teacher, we need to see the writing on the wall, or the screen, that delivery of content via print is seriously outmoded.  Video and interactive web content have supplanted text a long time ago.

6 – This is a great post for photography teachers out there from the Digital Photography School – 23 Popular DSLR Lenses.  They have great lists for both Nikon and Canon.

7 – Videomaker Magazine has a super video on YouTube titled, The Seven Deadly Sins of Camerawork.  Well worth your time to watch.

8 – “Print” media really needs this to get here and fast – tablet form factor devices for e-reading of books, magazines, newspapers and more.  This is how media needs to be served in the 21st Century.

9 – Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine asks Is Journalism Storytelling?  The answer is yes and no.  Journalists provide information, but much of that information is now available in other places today.  Journalists must also be storytellers to put all that info into context that people can understand.

10 – The 10,000 Words Blog has a timely post of 20 Must Have Gifts For Journalists.  If anyone wants to buy me the iPod notepads, that’d be great.  Of course an iPod Touch would be nice too.

11 – I’ve always said that photographers are artists.  There’s long been rumors that Leonardo DaVinci used a camera obscura to paint the Mona Lisa and I also love the movie “The Girl in the Pearl Earring.”  But now there is photographic proof that Norman Rockwell was a swell photographer as well as a great artist.  He shot his subjects for his famous paintings.  Here’s a second link to an NPR site about it.

Norman Rockwell - Photographer

Norman Rockwell - Photographer

12 – The Web Show OPEN investigates what makes the TWIT Network operate and why it is so important to the way media of tomorrow will be small, niche and powerful.

13 – I love these.  I may even start my Spring Semester in broadcast journalism with these and have the students adapt them for their own.  They are Jim Lehrer’s 8 rules of journalism.  Full transparency – I used to work for PBS.

14 – Give an Orange a camera and find out what happens.  It may not be journalism, but it is photography.  Yes, I’m now facebook friends with an ape.

15 – has also put up a number of their older documentaries – like this one about the LA Times from the 1970s? or 1980s? Definitely set on the wayback machine.

16 – Luminous Landscapes has a number of tutorials about photography posted online, like this one about histograms.  They are thorough, helpful and well-illustrated.

As of today, I’m back to +/- zero for my weight challenge.  So I guess that’s good, now have to keep on the treadmill and see if I can get to negative numbers next week.


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