Best In Show: Journalism and Tech Blog Awards

As I have been recently spurned by a prestigious teacher blog, which shall remain nameless – I will now give out my own end of the year awards.  I went through my RSS reader and checked every entry.  This is also a good year-end idea.  I found more than a dozen blogs that were DOA (Dead Online Assets).  For a blog to qualify for this list, they had to have regular posts at least 2-3 a month.  They had to have posts as recently as December and most importantly I have to like the blog or find it insanely useful.  Some categories have multiple winners, because they are just that good.

Best Resource Sharing Blog:

Free Technology For Teachers

10,000 Words

Best How To Blog – Reporting

Advancing The Story

Best How To Blog – Video

Bob Kaplitz Blog

Edit Foundry

Best How To Blog – Photo

Digital Photography School

All Wedbdesign Info: Photoshop

Best Industry Blog

Best Industry Blog – TV Station

Viewfinder Blues


Journalism Professor Blog

Notes From A Teacher

Journalism Teacher Blog


The Scholastic Scribe

Teacher Blog

Betty’s Blog

Happy Chyck Wonders

Technology Teacher Blog

Teach Paperless

Best Teacher Podcast

Wicked Decent Learning

Administrator Blog

The Principal’s Page

Best Collection of Teacher Written Blog Content

The Teacher Chronicles

Pictures of the Day

Wall Street Journal Photojournal

Best Humor Blog for Journalists

Overheard in the Newsroom

What The Duck

Probably Bad News



  1. Hey, I don’t know who spurned you, but I love your site. Great resources in every post. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

    • The Edublog Awards. I’m OK, not biter. No, really.

  2. Aw, wow, thanks a bunch Robert! I feel honoured 🙂

    Wish you a great new year!

    The Teacher Chronicles

  3. A big thanks for the mention – and right back at ya!

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