Cool Links #74: The One About Tragedies

All this week I’ve been hearing reporters use the word “tragedy” when they mean disaster.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other natural catastrophes are not tragic, they are disasters.  Look it up in the AP style guide.  Hamlet is a tragedy, a house fire due to a cigarette butt is a tragedy, but not a Tsunami.  Come on – get it right.

Now for the cool links.

1 – This metaphor can be used for both education and news media.  They are sitting on the broken escalator waiting for rescue.

2 – This is one cool visualization.  The browser usage at w3schools, Firefox is really gaining and so is Chrome.

3 – We really need a “don’t care” option on most polls.

Don't Care Option

Don't Care Option

4 – Tamron, the lens maker, has a Youtube channel and they are starting a series for beginners.

5 – Advancing the Story has a terrific post about the need to teach young journalists better math skills. Lots of great resources for lesson ideas.

6 – This may be a promotional video for a camera, but it is a really great video about a photographers love for taking pictures and how he learned it at a young age.

7 – Draft media has a short, but to the point post about why many newspaper web sites are not getting many visits – one word useability.

8 – The always on point 10,000 Words blog says that journalists are too tied to their technology at their desks.  They need to get out of the office and into the community they cover.  I agree.  This is even more important for high school journalists.

9 – One of my favorite blogs is written by a principal – and he says we need to stop teaching students how to write and teach them to use multimedia.

10 – Innovation in the College Media posted an article about Jan Wong and her list of 10 Do’s for journalists.  Best take away – 3. Push people to talk to you. Get out there and nail them. Don’t just put that cheap little line in your stories.

11 – It seems like a week for video and it also seems like we’ll never know everything we can know about Ansel Adams.

12 – I think Blackstar Rising has a point about professional photographers taking photos and holding firm on their prices.  A photo credit doesn’t pay the rent.

13 – Why study journalism?  Good question.  This short about the documentary “Fit To Print” sort-of tries to answer the question.

14 – This is just self-evident.

Most Trusted

Most Trusted

15 – This is yet another reason why newspapers are dying – a lack of copy editors.

Where's the copy editor

Where's the copy editor, oh that's right we let them all go.

Too bad for Brett Favre today.  Had they not messed up on a dumb coaches call, they might have kicked a field goal and been in the Super Bowl.  Guess I’ll have to root for the Saints over the hated Colts.  (Go Texans!)

1 Comment

  1. 1. TV news folks are such twits! I hold them directly responsible for the demise of American diction.
    2. I think many Americans believe that Stewart and Colbert ARE news folks.
    3. The Post ombudsman just did a piece on their diminishing copy desk and increasing typos. As a reader, I can say I’m frustrated…

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