Cool Links #76: The One After The Saints Won

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints.  No town needed a pick-me-up more than the Big Easy.   And now that the game is over, I have some time to put up some of the weekly cool links.

1 – I can’t decide if this is the lamest or the most hilarious video ever.  It’s called Stop Da Presses and it’s about AP Style .

2 – As a photography teacher, I’ve always heard that JPG files are lossy.  But since we only resave our files 2-3 times at most, I’ve never really seen the damage done by repeated saving of a JPG.

3 – Seth Godin is always interesting.  He has a post about the world being broken into hunters and farmers.  I actually talk about this with my students – mainly how girls have better color receptors in their eyes (gatherers) and boys are better at seeing action (hunters).  Thousands of years of evolution make us who we are.  I think we need to see who our students are in media too.  Hunters are better reporters – they are good at tracking down information and getting it from the source.  The also make good, fearless photographers.  But we need farmers too, they are good at time consuming, detailed processes like editing stories, creating layouts or graphics or piecing together a video from many sources of video.  This is what makes me wonder how much we are hurting ourselves when we think that all journalists can do it all.

4 – Tamron lenses released Episode three for beginners – titled Aperture.

Sorry it’s a short list, but it was a slow week with the Super Bowl and everything.


  1. I have been reading your blog almost daily, as I am student teaching this semester… noticed you worked for Ram Page; I just quit as Managing Editor to student teach at Central High… small world; thanks for this blog – i enjoy it!


    • I student-taught at Lakeview and worked at KIDY Ch. 6 too. It seems like a really long time ago. I was also the ME of the Ram Page. I hope you learn a lot at Central and find a great teaching job.

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