Cool Links #77: Crash and Burn

I’m not sure why, but Google Chrome keeps crashing hard on wordpress today.  Other than that little problem it is usually my favorite browser.  So, now I have to get all my favorite sites into Safari and that’s a pain too.  So, if you are reading this, it is despite the best efforts of technology to keep it from you.

1 – Jay Rosin, the distinguished journalism prof. from NYU has a short video on youtube about the current state of the New News.

2 – Bob Kaplitz has another great tidbit on how to make the most of scant b/roll.  This is also a touching story, with a super narrative.

But Bob wasn’t done with just that.  He has another video from the Today Show about Master Storytelling about a master storyteller and salesman.

3 – Since I am still waiting for Photoshop CS4 to be ordered by my district and my old copy of PS7 won’t run on Leopard, I’m testing out free image editors.  This go around, I tried Aviary‘s Phoenix image editor.  I created a new background for my Twitter page.  Aviary works fairly well for an online editor, but honestly it is not really as good as iPhoto.  I’ll keep looking until I get CS4.

4 – The Edit Foundry has a great video on the use of Natural Sound in storytelling.  I personally love stories with lots of Nat Sound.  I feel it drives home the realism of the story to the viewer.

5 – The 10,000 words Blog has a collection of Valentines for journalists.  Here’s my favorite:

Words can not describe this image

It's from the heart, really.

6 – Adam Westbrook has a super checklist for news startups, but I think it would work for news stories, yearbook themes, nearly any media idea.

7 – Should journalism teachers be teaching students more about the business of journalism?  Should we still be teaching about the near-religious “wall” between content and advertising?  Newspaper Death Watch has an eye opening post about this very topic.

8 – Tamron Lenses has posted episode four of their beginners guide about shutter speed.

Well, another short list – mainly video and photo.  Let’s hope the links pick up as the East Coast digs out.  Crazy how much snow fell from Dallas to D.C.


Snowpocalypse 2010