Cool Links #80: Shortage – Surplus – Shortage

It seems like we hear a lot about the terrible shortage of teachers we are about to have as the baby boomers retire.  We also keep hearing how we don’t have enough certified, qualified, teachers to fill every classroom.  And then we hear how district XYZ or state ABC is experiencing huge layoffs of teachers.  How can these both be true?  It just seems like they are using the situations to exploit the teachers in the system into constant worry about their job security. And it just doesn’t seem right.  We know that there will be huge deficits in the near future, yet we drive some very good teachers away during these periodic purges.  It’s dumb.

Well, on to the links:

1 – The NY Times has an excellent, but long article on how we should be providing teachers, both in college and on the job training that teaches them more than content – it gives them the tools to be a better teacher.

2 – This is an interesting idea – a teacher draft.  I’m not sure it would work, as most teachers would prefer to choose where they want to live and teach.  Maybe if it was more nationalized with openings and availabilities matched.  Who knows?

The video is from rethingklearningnow and they have this other great nugget.

3 – In his own words, Bob Kaplitz is building the biggest library of Multimedia Journalism content on the internet.  And this video has some great tips on convincing the public of your brand’s fairness.

4 – NPR has a collection of photos of Jobs of Yesteryear.  My favorite is the Lector, but there is also the Typesetter.  Soon to be followed by the Newspaper Reporter?

Jobs of Yesteryear - Typesetter

5 – I guess this next post fits right in with the last one – Ace Photojournalist Peter Parker has been fired by the Daily Bugle.  Maybe it will be liquidated itself soon and Spidey won’t feel so bad.  But how will our super hero pay the rent?  Wedding photographer,, sports photos or Paparazzi?

Spiderman Fired

Spiderman Fired

6 – Journalists can still rejoice over free fonts.  Here’s a great batch at Web Design Ledger.

7 – The Tamron Lens camera series continues with this gem about ISO.

and this one about camera modes.

8 – We in the media business are trying to teach creativity.  But too many in education are just teaching compliance and that is counter productive to what we are trying to do.

9 – I don’t agree with everything Adraina Huffington does or says, but her 4 E’s of 21st Century journalism are worth looking into.  I agree with some of it, but I don’t agree with the way that she content scrapes from others or how she pays her writers peanuts, while making millions off their work.

10 – The ShortFormBlog has a great graphic about how we consume media.  They still think newspapers can own local, but it seems like they don’t get that yet.

11 – has a terrifying look at the future without newspapers.  The worst one is:

4. Demand-driven journalism is changing the nature of what’s created.
6. The distinction between news and opinion will continue to erode.
7. Tabloid journalism will flourish.

12 – Allwebdesigninfo has collected a number of video tutorials for Adobe products like Photoshop, InDesign, Flash and Illustrator.

13 – Thanks to FreeTech4Teachers for this post on the NY Times about Ansel Adams along with an interactive audio feature on his photography.

Have a great week.  Five days left until the yearbook will be done.  Can’t wait.


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  1. I’ve come to the conclusing that the Teaching Profession is ruled by both the Peter Principle and Murphy’s Law. And yes, I believe that the preponderance of my colleagues DO teach compliance. Go along to get along, if you get my drift…

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