Cool Links #81: The One About 500/600

No it’s not a math problem.  But now have more than 600 comments on my blog and am closing in on 500 posts.  I do want to do more “content” related posts along with cool links posts.  And I think April will mark the end of year three of my blog too.  That’s exciting.  Now on to the links….

1 – Viewfinder Blues has a superb video post that demonstrates both the reporter and camera operator during a walk-and-talk.  Check out this excellent blog from a video journalist’s point of view.  Too bad there’s not more like it.

What's wrong with TV News?

What's wrong with TV News?

2 – What’s wrong with TV News? Too much crime, sports and weather and darned little else about city hall, local events, etc.

3 – The BBC has a series of graphics focusing on how the web works.  It starts out with the most basic elements like HTTP and URLs.  It discusses domains, servers and searches.

BBC How the Web Works

BBC How the Web Works

4 – Why do some “call to action” buttons work, while others fail? Who knows, Hongkiat knows and will help you to design a better button in this article.

5 – This is almost too hard to read, but I made it through all 119 Broadcast Cliches in one sentence.  Fun, yet sad.

6 – The Onion NewsNation Shudders At Large Block of Text – Headline in the hilarious, but often right on the mark Onion News Network.  And also from the Onion, a funny video about how 24 news channels just keep feeding the viewer bulls&#* in order to keep something on the screen all day long.  Very funny.

Some Bulls#$* Happening Somewhere

Some Bulls#$* Happening Somewhere

7 – As my students would say OMG.  Oh my goodness.  The Cambridge in Color Digital Photography Tutorials. These graphics will help you understand and teach so many difficult photography concepts, like center weighted metering, depth of field, using levels, and much more.

8 – The Edit Foundry Blog shows you how to take a video and make it sing with simple motion effects in post.

9 – Photojournalism from a Student’s Eye has posted several screen casts that focus on using Final Cut.  Very good videos about the basics.  He also has a series called Photoshop for Reporters and here’s the first one:

10 – The dPS has a great post for photojournalists and others on how to take good head shots.

11 – No cool links would be complete without a spot from the Bob Kaplitz blog, this time on improving spot news coverage by focusing on the  details.

12 – Much has been written this week about Marc Andreessen’s advice to burn the boats of the old media world and colonize the digital world.   I agree with Marc, but only to a point.  We need to burn the boats, but not the equipment they carried to the new world and not with the sailors still on board.  “Old Media” does need to invest heavily in new media and learn how to use it quickly.  The time for fighting against the tide is over.  But at the same time, keep milking the print cow until it dies or until digital media makes more money, then burn it to the water line.

13 – Along the same lines is this post from C Dixon that google does not make money from hard news.  Maybe no one ever did.  Maybe your not supposed to make money from what is essentially a public service.  But we need to find a way to keep paying journalists a living wage in order to provide us that news.

I’m on Spring Break this week and enjoying the sunshine here in Houston.  Also got my new Macs set up in my lab.  Still a lot of work to do getting software installed and tweaked.

New Lab Computers

New Lab Computers


  1. Great room. Would love to have something that nice. Not going to happen, however.

    • Sorry to hear it. But that is the result of 15 years of pleading for newer and better facilities and equipment. It’s nice to have it and I hope my kids appreciate how good they’ve got it.

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