Cool Links #83: The One About Eternal Installing

I recently was lucky enough to get 22 new iMacs from our district’s bond program along with Adobe Creative Suite CS4.  I’ve never had more than six new computers before, and our district does not really have anyone who does IT for Macs (we are a PC district).  So, that has meant that I have been installing software and getting the computers set up.  It has been a real marathon.  I had no idea.  After nearly two weeks, I think I’m finally at the end of installing, updating, and tweaking.  I never knew that getting what I wanted (and my students needed) would be so much work.  I’ve been falling behind on grading and have had to do a marathon session today.  In addition, Saturday was UIL (state journalism contest – local round) and it is pretty much an all day thing.  So, I’ve been behind on getting this edition of Cool Links out.  Here they are:

1 – 100 Books That Every Teacher Should Read – my favorites are: The First Days of School, Animal Farm, and Charlotte’s Web.

2 – This tongue in cheek list of 25 Ways To Save the Newspaper Industry is a funny, yet almost not funny read.

3 – This should be frightening to anyone working the sports beat, sports writing by robot.  Local sports teams will be able to enter their info via computer, which will then spit out a summary and box score.

4 – DK Publishing put out a video about the future of the publishing industry.

5 – In the wake of the Google/China search pullout, Jeff Jarvis wrote a Bill of Rights for the Internet.  If you create, consume or desire free, independent media – then you might want to read this.

6 – Photojournalism From The Student’s Eye has two new Final Cut tutorials, this time about adding Lower Thirds (titles) to your video.

7 – The best news videographer/blogger in the biz, Viewfinder BLUES has a hilarious post on the deseases faced by those who carry logo’d cameras around for a living.

8 – Tamron Lenses released episode ten – all about how to get a good White Balance.

9 – If  you use a lot of Web 2.0 services like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo mail – then it irks you when you’re not sure if the services is slow, down or if it is your computer or internet connection.  Now there’s help – Downrightnow – they will let you know for sure.

10 – Sir Ken Robinson has been speaking everywhere they will let him about the broken system of education.  Here he is on CNN detailing what he feels needs to be fixed.

11 – Google, best company ever or evil empire?  You decide.

Have a great week – should be a short one for most of us with a long weekend.



  1. You probably always know all of this, but when I had problems posted videos because of banned sites, a number of people left me suggestions. Perhaps one of these will work for you. You can read them in the comment portion of this post…

    p.s. Hope to see you in Austin

    • Tweet me and hopefully we can meet up. @teach_j on Twitter. I am checking out your sites for downloading vimeo vids. I know that most YouTube downloaders are broken right now because YouTube just changed their site – layout and back end. This broke most of the downloaders. Keepvid failed on both vimeo and youtube. But I’m ever hopeful and still checking out yours and other’s suggestions.

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