Cool Links #84: The One About Sleeping In

I really enjoyed my day of rest on Friday.  We didn’t have any school and so I took the time to sleep in and enjoy a day of peace and quiet.  I did go up to the church to see the recreation of the passion.  It was well done and inspiring.  I am energized and now ready to go back to school and finish up the year.  I’m even ready to deal with another trouble ticket for the yearbook on Monday.  It’s all good and so are the cool links.

1 – Thanks to ShortFormBlog for this link to Weird Al Yankovic’s short Youtube video with a grammar lesson.

2 – This speaks for itself.  Not sure why it would be censored?

Censorship = Evil

Censorship = Evil

3 – In the last week or two, I’ve become a fan of using non-destructive forms of editing in Photoshop, especially layer masks.  This tutorial has most everything you need to know to apply layer masks for adjustments.

4 – This video is about a printer who decided to reprint the engravings from a really old Webster’s Dictionary.  He did all the work by hand with old-fashioned letterpress printing equipment.  Even the book binding is done by hand.  Great video for yearbook kids to see how it used to be done.  I’d love to show it to my students, but Vimeo is blocked at my school, and I don’t know of any way to download from that site.  Any ideas?  Please send them to me.  BTW I use a Mac, so PC only software is out.

Bookbinding the Old Fashioned Way

Bookbinding the Old Fashioned Way

5 – The great design blog has a post about the 52 Worst Photoshop Mistakes.  I’ve seen a ton of them before on Photoshop Disasters.  But it’s great to revisit some old favorites.  Beware, a few are NSFS.

52 Photoshop Mistakes

52 Photoshop Mistakes

6 – As a yearbook photography teacher, I’m constantly dealing with photos that have to be shot indoors, with unflattering light, in low light or mixed lighting conditions.  DPs as is their habit, has another super post 5 Tips for Consistently Good Indoor Photos. Best Takeaway:  Make friends with your flash and learn how to maximise natural and manmade light.

7 – This is what I worry about the future of media: that it will become a literal walled garden for only the wealthy.  This is both for content creators and consumers.  Basically, as serious well-reported journalism shrinks, and fewer agree to pay for content, that content will increase in price and decrease in availability.  And as that happens, only the wealthy will care about and support serious journalism.  And the corollary to this is that journalism schools will shrink, disappear or become the territory for the rich.  For only the rich will be able to support themselves while they earn the right to work at one of the few elite media outlets that actually pays a salary.  Most middle class and students who come from poverty simply can not afford a life without a paycheck.  Many struggle now without loans and suffer under the requirements of a (usually) unpaid internship.  This means a summer without a summer job and the income that affords them.  As a journalism teacher in an urban high school, I see that as a terrible future.   Our country once saw equality of opportunity as a guiding principle.  Too bad that is not likely in the future.  Money has always been a big help in journalism – buying newer and better equipment.  Now it will be the only thing that matters.

8 – Want to learn HTML coding.  Here’s a great site that shows you how, step-by-step and in an interactive way. also has CSS and Design tutorials too.

Have a great week and don’t let the testing demons get  you down.  Just a few more weeks until school’s out.



  1. No Spring break? We go back Tuesday after 10 day break. It was a much needed rest for this weary teacher.

    • We already had Spring Break back in March. It was still kind of cold here when we had break – winter’s last gasp. We’re making up for it with hot and humid now.

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