Cool Links #86: The One About A Happy 3rd Anniversary

My blog is now three years old.  That is amazing to me anyway.  I’ve been serving up links, ideas, topics and fun for more than 500 posts now.  That means I average three posts a week.  I know most weeks I don’t publish that often.  I hope that some of the stuff I put out there has been helpful, interesting or in some way useful.  I’m looking forward to many more years of blogging – I hope.  I guess my plan is to keep it up for the next 15 or so years until I’m ready to hang up the teaching gig.  In other words, I have no real plan, except to keep blogging.  Now, on to the links –

1 – Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to figure out, like how to make a floating footer at the bottom of an HTML document.

2 – Wow, this is the best explanation of how to tell a good visual or written story I’ve ever heard.  “Hey, you, see, so.”

3 – We just got Flash CS4 and I’ve never even used it yet.  This summer I hope to put some of Mindy McAdams great flash tutorials to use for visual storytelling.

4 – Every regular reader of this blog knows I’m an unabashed Mac supporter.  But even us Mac heads have to use a PC once in a while.  Maximum PC has this perfect post with 19 Tips For Using Windows 7.  My best takeaway is how to quickly get to the multiple monitor menu when setting up a projector with a PC.

5 – Thank you Seth Godin for saying it.  People need to learn how to use email properly, and there are 8 simple things every user can do to get there.

6 – Why can’t we make changes in schools?  Of course there are many reasons, but resources are at the top of the list and this graphic explains it all – the gap between what “they” think we need and what we really need in resources in order to affect change.  Please read the whole post.

School Resource Change Gap

School Resource Change Gap

7 – I love for allowing me to watch shows when I want to without having to pay for a DVR from my satellite company.  But on top of that is the great content from the past that is available, like these segments of Kermit the Frog reporting from various fairy tales.  Classic.

8 – I know some of these are kind of silly, but this one is actually both cute and on point.  We all need to teach like this pianist and encourage out kids to do their best at what they are excited about.

9 – I love this poster: The bare essentials for a graphic designer.

Essentials for Graphic Design

Essentials for Graphic Design

10 – This may be a little dry for some, but I’m a fan of the great show How It’s Made and Petapixel has three videos that show the steps for making a Canon 500mm lens.  Interesting.

Have a great week.  Here in Texas we start our state assessment cycle (TAKS) this week with four days of testing in our high schools.  It looks to be a long week – let’s all hope it goes by quickly and uneventfully.


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