The One About Yearbook Day

We simply call it “Yearbook Day.”  The day we give out the yearbooks and really find out what people think.  We get to hear about every misspelled word – unfortunately mostly names.  We find out about every little mistake we made – and the big ones too.

Our day went fairly well, despite the fact that we didn’t have an external monitor adapter for the new iMacs.  But we got by with an old Mac Mini.  But the prom photos were not on the hard drive we brought – only the iMac.  Such is life.  The slide show went fine.  The kids listened to music and signed books.  We heard a lot of positive comments about the first-ever all-color yearbook at our school.

Then the real issues started rolling in – and both were our fault as far as I can tell.  The first was a girl, a senior girl, who we misspelled her name, EVERY, SINGLE time in the yearbook.  Ouch!  I think it was spell check.  Her name is unique.  We need to come up with a system to identify uniquely spelled, “common” names, so that spell check doesn’t butcher them.

I handled the issue as best I could.  She was very distressed and I explained to her that it wasn’t personal against her, we were very sorry, and we know that she is upset.  She calmed down some, but I don’t think I was able to make her less upset.  I apologized again and eventually went off to deal with the next fire.

The next fire came later in the day.  A group of sophomores went to a club sponsor and let her know we accidentally got the wrong photo in the wrong photo box for their club’s group photo.  So, now we have to order crack and peel stickers in order to get the right photo in the right box.  Happiness.

And in the meantime, seniors have been hounding me – “why aren’t the prom photos on the school web site yet?”

But I’m mainly happy that we were able to get through the day with only a few problems.  Let’s hope the rest of the week goes as well and no more problems pop up.