Cool Links #88: The One About Another New Principal

Last week our principal of only three years dropped a bomb on us via email – he resigned.  We now have a caretaker administrator to finish out the school year and no word on how or when they will search for/pick a new principal.  I’ve written off and on about the need to keep good lines of communication open with your principal.  But starting the dialog can be difficult and I’ve not often looked forward to the opening conversations with a new principal.  It’s sometimes difficult to discover just what makes each one tick.  What is important to them? How can you be a part of helping them with their goals, so that they might be more inclined to help you with yours?  I guess we’re in for four months of a roller coaster ride until school starts in the fall.

Now for the cool links:

1 – Teachers are at the end of the line and they just aren’t going to take it anymore!  (Thanks to the Principal’s Page blog)

2 – Need to learn basic masking in Photoshop?  Nicolesy will show you how.

3 – Daniel Pink is on to something with motivation 2.0, he identifies the problem – old carrot and stick motivation doesn’t work in a web 2.0 world.  But he doesn’t say how to set up the right conditions for new motivation to work.

4 – This is just too punny.

But I Didn't Shoot The Lowercase

But I Didn't Shoot The Lowercase

5 – The Blogush Blog discusses why change in schools comes slowly and sometimes not at all.

6 – When you are designing, sometimes you need to draw it out before you create the design.  Hongkiat has some great tools for offline web design.

7 – If you are like me, you don’t throw away a camera until it dies.  But when is the right time to let go of an old DSLR?  Find out how many photos you’ve shot (actuations) – the Digital Photography School can help show you how.

8 – How many times has this happened to your Student TV News show?  Too many I’ll bet.

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Short week.  That’s all folks.