Cool Links #89: The One About Broken Air Conditioners

Why is it that things always break down on weekends?  Saturday the A/C unit in my house decided to give it up.  We had a guy come out and look at it.  He got it running for most of a day, and told me he’d get a price on the part we need or a new A/C unit on Monday.  Even then we’ll still have to get it fixed.  How long will that take?  Or cost?  Should be a fun (not) week.  I wish I was as cool as these links.

1 – Seth Godin has a good idea about making new sales, or getting new people to read your site, or buy your product.  That idea is that you can spend a lot of time/money to get the ones who are far away, or a little time/money to convert the ones who are almost there.  Good ideas.

Time and Money for Converts

Time and Money for Converts

2 – We have to teach our video journalism students that TV stations and news sites are employing more solo mobile journalists than ever before.  They have to be able to do it all – shoot, report, edit and create.

3 – If you haven’t seen Nick Thune’s Yearbook Song, then now is the time to watch it.

4 – No one wants a yearbook controversy, but one school in Virginia may have to reprint their entire yearbook run this year due to inappropriate sexual comments by students.  Ouch.

Have a great end of the year week.

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