iPod Touch: Can’t Stop The Music, Podcasts, and Apps

I have been a long time user of my iPod.  I first bought one about three years ago – a silver 4GB Nano.  It held most of my music and more importantly introduced me to the world of podcasts.  I learned so much from podcasts.  I was entertained, informed and it made me more mellow.  I actually don’t mind waiting as much.  I am calmer when I drive and listen to a podcast.

About a year ago, my Nano ended up in my iced tea.  It didn’t work for a week and so I went out and bought a Gold 8GB long Nano.  The new Nano’s are great and it held ALL my music collection plus podcasts.  Eventually my old Nano dried out and began to work again.  So I gave it to my son because his iPod Shuffle didn’t have a screen.  He likes the Nano better.

This week I’ve been borrowing an iPod Touch from my school library.  I’ve been helping them tech out.  She got a dozen of them to begin the eBook transition in our library.  But I’d never used one and could only help her so much.  So, she asked me if I wanted to borrow it for the summer to figure it out.  So, I’ve been using it and loving it.

I need an iPod Touch.  I have been delving into apps, eBooks and mobile surfing.  I love being able to access the Net by Wi-Fi at school, home and Starbucks.  I love being able to read eBook apps for FREE.  There are so many great books available as free apps.  But I also like being able to access my email, rss reader and so much more.  I’m addicted.

I think I will be shelling out some money after the summer is over to get one of these fun and useful little gagets.

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  1. I bought an iPhone last May…wanted to look like a grownup when I left teaching. The iPhone is very addicting for all the reasons you list. I can live without my laptop, but not my iPhone. And, it takes some cool pictures I can immediately upload to Facebook, another addiction.

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