YLYB #1: Pre-Prep

Who goes to school before most teachers even think about school?  Yearbook teachers do.  Because we know that school starts before the school year begins.  Even before in-service days or professional development, there’s stuff going on out there.  Football practice has started and band camp too.  So that means photo days.  Starting tomorrow I have photos to take for all the teams, etc. for the football program – and the yearbook too.  It sure makes life easy when you only do it once.  But that means making sure the gear is ready.

So, today I was up at the school early, but not too early, getting my portrait equipment packed.  Softboxes, stands, flashes, synch cords, power strips, etc.  And then there are the email reminders to the directors, coaches, etc.   The replies to email from the same, begging to reschedule.  Sally May (not the real head cheerleader’s name) can’t make it on the originally scheduled day – she’s on vacation in the Bahamas (not really where they went – I don’t think.)

So, the daily grind/hell/adrenaline blast/fun/stress/best job ever that is yearbook begins.  Honestly, it never really stops.  Tomorrow, I gotta dress nice and get up early.  Administrators photos at 9:30 a.m.  And be on my best behavior, just like I tell my students.  I’ll probably even wear my ID.

And I ended the day at my senior photographer’s place.  I’ve been promising him copies of the yearbooks forever.  So, I dropped them by his office.