YLYB #2: The Oops

I’m not sure I can spell oops.  But today was a “do over.”  I was supposed to take photos of the administrators for the football program.  I got to work today and got the gear together.  I hauled it over to the front office and asked the new secretary if we were still a go for the photos.  It’s never a good sign if the secretary has no idea what you are talking about.  I asked if I could talk to the principal.  He told me we were no-go.  One of the Asst. Principals was not available and he HAD emailed me last night.  So, lesson learned – always check email in the A.M.   But I did get to hear a rumor that the master schedule is under reconstruction again!  OK, it wasn’t a rumor, a counselor told me so.  No actual projection for when it will be ready.  Roll with it, that’s my motto.