YLYB #2: The Oops

I’m not sure I can spell oops.  But today was a “do over.”  I was supposed to take photos of the administrators for the football program.  I got to work today and got the gear together.  I hauled it over to the front office and asked the new secretary if we were still a go for the photos.  It’s never a good sign if the secretary has no idea what you are talking about.  I asked if I could talk to the principal.  He told me we were no-go.  One of the Asst. Principals was not available and he HAD emailed me last night.  So, lesson learned – always check email in the A.M.   But I did get to hear a rumor that the master schedule is under reconstruction again!  OK, it wasn’t a rumor, a counselor told me so.  No actual projection for when it will be ready.  Roll with it, that’s my motto.

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  1. First thing I do, every morning, even now, is read my email. Never know what catastrophe may have struck while we were sleeping. 😎

    I have seen that look on the secretary’s face many times. I finally started putting everything past her first. Really works better that way.

    Good luck on scheduling. Do you start with kids on Monday. Our school is in meetings today and Friday with kids arriving on Monday. I won’t be there for first day pics. Sure hope the new gal knows to do this.

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