YLYB #3: Photo Marathon Begins

Today I took a lot of photos – dance team and cheerleaders.  We did group shots and mugs.  It was an all day fun-a-thon.  My 10-year-old (still 9 actually) son came along and was a lot of help.  He hauled lights, drug cords and generally played photographer’s assistant.  He did great.

For the most part, things worked out.  We were fighting the Texas heat and humidity today.  As you might already know, when you take a camera from the air conditioned building to the humid, hot outdoor realm, it will fog over.  And then taking it back indoors may do it again.  So, make sure you keep the camera in a camera bag and with a lens cap on, until the last minute when you have to go in-out-in really quickly.  If you are going out to shoot, you may want to acclimate your camera for 30 minutes or more so it is ready when you need it.

We dodged the rain drops and said nice things to the volleyball coaches.  In the end we shot all the shots we needed and didn’t miss a beat.  I did have a moment of panic when I wasn’t sure where the memory card was for about one minute today.  It was right where it was supposed to be and photos are now copied to my desktop.  Backup will commence after this blog.   One more day of it tomorrow and then we begin teacher inservice all next week.

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