YLYB #5: Get Into The Groove with PD

Just like all the other teachers in America, and maybe the world, the first day of Professional Development kicks off the preparation time before the first day of school.  I officially took the last before school photos for football season.  I am now ready to burn most of them to a CD tomorrow and send copies to the sponsors of the different organizations.

Despite all of the rumors of storm so far, the start of the year has been calm and pleasant for me.  Maybe I’m just taking everything in stride because I’ve been here before – like the Styx song says, and I’ve felt the nervousness of so many new things (new principal, new yearbook rep, new software).  Been there, done that.  Maybe for the first time, I feel like a veteran teacher – this is not the same as a master teacher by any means.  I think I will always feel like I can get better at my craft, and mastery implies you know it all.

We had a treat on the first day – motivational speaker Garrison Wynn spoke to us and since his own mother was a teacher, he was pretty knowledgable about what we do and how we think.  We also got a copy of his book and a new book bag compliments of our new principal.


  1. No matter how long you’ve done it, you never know it all.

    • That is so true. Plus it changes so much. When I started doing yearbook, we were on PageMaker 5.0 – now we use InDesign CS4. There was no such thing as Photoshop or a digital scanner. Digital Cameras were something out of a technology journal – a scifi fantasy. We used film, a wet darkroom and it wasn’t even in color. The computers we had wouldn’t even power your cell phone today. Design has changed a lot too.

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