YLYB #6: Schedules, Cables and Getting Along

Today was one of those days, where it seems like things moved in slow motion.  Nothing was terribly urgent, but you had a list of things to do.  And things got done, but the pace was relaxed.  I guess urgency will come on Friday, or maybe Sunday.  Could even wait until Monday morning.  Then it will be urgent.

Until then, the pace is moderate and things get done.  I also spent a lot of time talking with various directors and coaches today.  I was going over the dates of functions such as Prom, Homecoming, the school play, etc.  This is the time of the year, when everyone is staking out their territory on the calendar.  And I’m trying to get all the info.  This is stuff that goes in the yearbook.

I also spent a while dealing with a huge rats nest of cables –  Power cords, USB, Firewire 1.0, RCA, etc.  The bottom drawer of the cable cabinet was a place to toss stuff.  The cords have been sorted, rolled, tied, etc.  It takes time, that is something that will rapidly become a luxury after Monday.

And finally, I spent time just getting along.  It is so important to get along with the teachers who do the activities in your school.  You will be asking them for names for a photo on the day before that page is due at the plant.  You need to have them think of you as a nice person.  People will do stuff for nice people.  So, I spent a little time talking with the same people that I was discussing schedules and such.   I think this is important for yearbook teachers to remember – be nice.  It usually pays off in the long run.