YLYB #7: Moodle Noodle Doodle

Today was another day of PD – this time it was tech training.  I was excited about it as soon as I signed up.  I’ve heard about Moodle for a long time, and I know so many teachers who sing it’s praises.  So, I was ready.

I was going to make a bad joke here, but no.   Moodle is everything it was sold as – a lesson planning tool to help you teach.  It is really going to be a big help.  You can embed videos, create quizzes, surveys and add assignments.  The students even have a drop box to place finished assignments.  I’m pumped that this will really help me once I’ve got my curriculum into the darned thing.

There will be work ahead, but I think I can even share my Moodle lessons with other teachers.  This is exciting.

And we got a free lunch too.  I like it when the technology department does PD.