YLYB #8: Yearbook Company Rep. Visit

I had my second visit with my new yearbook company rep. today.  If you are new to the yearbook thing, your yearbook company (there are four/five main ones Jostens, Taylor, Herff Jones, Walsworth and Friesens) should provide you with a representative (sales rep.) who’s job it is to help you get the book done on time and under budget.

Not all reps. are good at those two things.  I’ve been lucky to have three reps. who have all done a good job and cared about my business.  It honestly doesn’t matter which company you are with, demand good service and prompt responses to your questions.  But I digress.

I met with my rep today, and it was a good visit.  She had good news for me on my 2011 book budget and some great ideas to help us try to sell more ads and books.  We met for about an hour and we set some goals, signed the 2011 paperwork and set a date for her to come back to work with the kids.

I’ve learned (it only took 15 years) that I don’t know it all.  I’m not good at everything – sales being the lowest on the totem pole.  Make sure you lean on your rep. when it comes to your weak areas.  When I started as an advisor, I barely knew how to do a yearbook and I leaned on my first rep. heavily.  Over the years, my needs have changed and I have learned to ASK my rep. to HELP me because I can’t do it all.

I also found out that they didn’t kill the newspaper class that one of the English teachers is going to start this year.  So far, there are zero students in that class.  But they are giving her time to recruit.