YLYB #10: Small, Young Staff

Today, I had to go to work.  Almost a double whammy, since Monday is the first day of school and yesterday was the last day of PD.  Today was a Flex Day.  This means we could come in to work to replace a PD day on Feb. 21.  Nearly all of the staff was there.  It really wasn’t so bad, I was able to put some finishing touches on my classroom and make some copies.

I also met with some of my returning staff.  A very small number of a small staff.  I only have about nine returning staff members out of a staff of 30-35.  We are going to be short on everything – especially experience.  We need more photographers, editors, etc.  This is going to make our year, much more challenging.  I’m excited to begin, but concerned at the same time.  The kids who were there agreed that we have a lot of work in front of us.  I’m glad that they see it, because ready or not – here it comes.